HIV, also called Human Immunodeficiency Virus, has afflicted many millions of people across the globe. Based on data, there are nearly a couple of million United States citizens that are suffering from this infection. This quantity is extremely frightening. What is considered to be even worse is the fact that around 20 % of HIV-positive individuals are not even aware that they have been afflicted with HIV? This is certainly one of the most significant explanations why many HIV awareness programs have already been started by various groups and sectors around the world.
If you would like to know whether or not you have HIV, all you need to do is visit a medical doctor. There are medical practitioners who carry out HIV tests to find out if an individual has HIV. They often simply need a blood sample to be able to know if someone has been infected with HIV.

Why people opt to be private about testing

It is unfortunate that, there are individuals who are not so at ease with the concept of visiting the doctor to verify if they have HIV. Naturally, being an HIV victim is actually humiliating enough, and being forced to talk about it to others only increases the embarrassment. This is perhaps how HIV home tests came to exist.

A short time ago, HIV home tests were authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Because of this these items have been examined and recognized to work effectively so that normal people are able to use them. HIV home test kits enable people to test for HIV in the privateness of their own homes. All they have to do is get a swab sample and put it inside the vial that is included with the HIV test kit.

People who should use test kits

HIV home testing kits are perfect for the following groups of consumers:

  • People who would like to preserve their situation a confidential matter for the meantime
  • People who are extremely self-conscious or very reluctant to get out in the open public to get tested
  • People who wish to have comfort and ease especially during this tough time
  • People who have no desire to suffer the pain of the anxiety of needing to cope with the stress of their friends and family members getting worried over their problem
  • People who would like to get rapid, dependable results and never have to leave the home
When Should Women Seek HIV Test?

Even though HIV home test kits are efficient, the lab tests in treatment centers and hospitals continue to be strongly recommended, most especially when you have already been tested positive. Home HIV testing is simply an easy way to discover how a person’s ailment is and whether or not this individual requires major medical attention.