vaginal discharge

  1. White, yellow, green, and brown vaginal discharge

    White, yellow, green, and brown vaginal discharge
    What is normal vaginal discharge? Vaginal discharge is a healthy and daily mechanism that exists in every woman's body. Its purpose is to remove the dead cells and the excess bacteria from your vagina. Its principal function is to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Sometimes, you might notice variations regarding some characteristics of your vaginal discharge, such as the colo, consistency, or odor. These changes occur naturally according to your menstrual cycle, or when you get sexually stimulated... → Continue reading
  2. 6 reasons of vaginal discharge

    6 reasons of vaginal discharge
    What is a vaginal discharge? Normal vaginal discharge is clear or milky-white and does not have any particular unpleasant smell. Secreted from glands that women have in the walls of the vagina and cervix, vaginal discharge serves as a mechanism that cleans the vagina from unwanted bacteria and dead cells. Because of your vaginal discharge, your vagina maintains itself clean and healthy. Sometimes, vaginal discharge may change in color, consistency, or smell. These alterations are natural and happen according... → Continue reading

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