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  1. When Should Women Seek HIV Test?

    Regardless if you have active sexual life or not, you should still undergo HIV testing. It is a must for women to be tested against HIV to find out their HIV status at least once in a while (every 3 to 5 years). However, if you fall in any of these categories below, make sure to be getting HIV testing regularly. -        You have multiple sexual partners -        You engage in unprotected sex with different partners -        You have... →Continue reading
  2. Simplifying the Science Behind HIV RNA Tests

    A promising young man, full of hope and aspirations took it upon himself to casually visit the hospital for an HIV test since he had not done so in a while. Although he looked as unperturbed as though not expecting something bad to happen, he still felt concerned. Suddenly, a doctor approached him with the HIV test result, out of curiosity; the young man tore the sheet on discovering he is HIV positive. How could this be and what... →Continue reading

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