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  1. Kissing May Cause Oral Gonorrhea

    Kissing May Cause Oral Gonorrhea
    Is it possible for you to contract an STD from kissing only? The fact is that there are specific sexually transmitted infections that are transmittable via kissing. Two of the most common ones are cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus. Oral gonorrhea can spread via oral sex performed on the anus or the genitals of the infected individual. The symptoms you are experiencing alone cannot differentiate between oral gonorrhea and other throat related conditions, such as strep or sore throat. →Continue reading
  2. What are the Chances of Catching an STD?

    What are the Chances of Catching an STD?
    Do you know that you can reduce your chances of catching an STD and still have an amazing sex life? Sex is not supposed to be a terrifying practice. In fact, if done properly, it should make both partners feel the exact opposite of terrifying. Still, the threat of catching sexually transmitted diseases is good enough to make an individual keep away from having a sex life. As a result, some just prefer not to have sex at all... →Continue reading
  3. STDs You Can Get Without Having Sex

    STDs You Can Get Without Having Sex
    Do you know you can still contract some of the STDs even without having sex? You do not really have to be sexually active to catch a sexually transmitted disease. Before you dive into the specifics of how it is even possible, it is important for you to first understand a few terminologies. When it comes to ‘sex’, it generally means oral sex, anal sex, and penis-in-vagina sex. Penis-in-vagina is considered the only viable form of sex. However, there... →Continue reading
  4. Causes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Women

    Sexually Transmitted Disease or sexually transmitted infection happens in both men and women. In women, the most common way of passing sexually transmitted infection is through sexual intercourses, vaginal, oral and anal. For women, the most common symptom of sexually transmitted infections are itching of the private parts, rashes, having discharges and feeling pain on the genitals. When Sexually Transmitted Diseases are left untreated, it can develop into more serious health problems that can even lead to infertility. Women... →Continue reading
  5. Venereal Disease (VD) – Serious Health Risks When You Are Below 25 Years Old

    What precisely is a venereal disease (VD)? Venereal disease is a sexually transmitted bacterial, parasitic, yeast and viral infection, more commonly known as sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI). Prevalence of venereal diseases continually increases despite efforts from Governments, nonprofit NGOs, health advocates and health professionals of every nation across the globe to stem the spread of infection.  Common types of venereal diseases are gonorrhea, Chlamydia, yeast infections, and HIV/AIDS. The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases... →Continue reading
  6. Common Disease Transmission Means Among Humans

    Complaints about new infections and diseases are being made at medical facilities on a daily basis and in most cases; such complaints have been made by one or two that are related to the patient in one way or the other. People often get infected due to proximity and the unavoidability of contacts with other humans as they go about their daily routine. The challenge then becomes how to shield one against these deadly diseases since humans cannot thrive in... →Continue reading
  7. Anal Sex Is An Open Door To Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Without mincing words, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed anal sex as “the riskiest sexual behavior for getting and transmitting HIV for men and women.” In addition to that, the agency authoritatively states that anal sex may expose persons who are involved in it to other sexually transmitted diseases or other infections. This risky sexual practice is heightened without the use of condoms during sexual intercourse. Anal sex has been associated with ancient civilization as depicted in... →Continue reading
  8. You Think You Are Safe From STDs? Read This!

    STDs stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Okay, it is a disease gotten only through sexual activities, right? Sorry to disappoint you. In essence, STDs are diseases which can be gotten or contracted through having sex, as well as through other non-sexual activities. You may not have been as careful and protected as you thought. STDs are products of the actions of microorganisms that invade the human body. They are called STDs because the majority of reported cases of the... →Continue reading
  9. How Do STDs Affect A Pregnant Woman?

    Pregnancy in the medical parlance is known as gestation, a period of time during which a baby or babies grow/s and develop/s inside a woman. Most commonly, pregnancy occurs when a woman engages in sexual intercourse with a man. At the point of having sexual intercourse, before or after pregnancy, it is possible that a woman could get infected with sexually transmitted diseases, which may go unnoticed but will be detrimental to her health and the health of her baby/babies... →Continue reading

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