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  1. Can I Get an STD From Sharing Sex Toys?

    Can I Get an STD From Sharing Sex Toys?
    It's very much possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from sharing sex toys. The common belief among people is that STDs can only be transmitted via sexual contact between two people. What most of us do not know is that STDs can also be spread by sharing sex toys. An asymptomatic disease is more easily spread as the carrier is not being aware of having an STD. Read on to discover some of the dangerous STDs that can be contracted by sharing sex toys. → Continue reading
  2. If I Swallow My Boyfriend's Sperm Will I Get an STD ?

    If I Swallow My Boyfriend's Sperm Will I Get an STD ?
    Most STDs are transmitted via skin-to-skin contact, oral-to-genital contact and oral-to-anal contact. Nevertheless, swallowing your boyfriend's sperm will not always make you get an STD, unless he's infected with an STD which attacks the mucous membranes in the mouth or throat. Besides, it also doesn't really matter whether he ejaculates in your mouth. The little friction that can occur during oral sex could still put you at risk of getting an infection. While most people believe that STDs like... → Continue reading
  3. Can I get an STD from masturbating

    Can I get an STD from masturbating
    Masturbating is actually the safest sexual activity. STDs are mainly transmitted from one person to another but there are exceptions. If you are diagnosed with a bacterial STD like chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis, you are safe to masturbate while being treated. Mutual masturbation is when you are masturbating with your partner and touching each other’s genitals. If the other person is infected with some STI, it can be easily transmitted to the other person with semen or vaginal fluids. → Continue reading
  4. Kissing May Cause Oral Gonorrhea

    Kissing May Cause Oral Gonorrhea
    Is it possible for you to contract an STD from kissing only? The fact is that there are specific sexually transmitted infections that are transmittable via kissing. Two of the most common ones are cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus. Oral gonorrhea can spread via oral sex performed on the anus or the genitals of the infected individual. The symptoms you are experiencing alone cannot differentiate between oral gonorrhea and other throat related conditions, such as strep or sore throat. → Continue reading
  5. What are the Chances of Catching an STD?

    What are the Chances of Catching an STD?
    Do you know that you can reduce your chances of catching an STD and still have an amazing sex life? Sex is not supposed to be a terrifying practice. In fact, if done properly, it should make both partners feel the exact opposite of terrifying. Still, the threat of catching sexually transmitted diseases is good enough to make an individual keep away from having a sex life. As a result, some just prefer not to have sex at all... → Continue reading
  6. STDs You Can Get Without Having Sex

    STDs You Can Get Without Having Sex
    Do you know you can still contract some of the STDs even without having sex? You do not really have to be sexually active to catch a sexually transmitted disease. Before you dive into the specifics of how it is even possible, it is important for you to first understand a few terminologies. When it comes to ‘sex’, it generally means oral sex, anal sex, and penis-in-vagina sex. Penis-in-vagina is considered the only viable form of sex. However, there... → Continue reading

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