Living with HIV

  1. Myths About HIV And AIDS

    There are several concerns and stigmas connected with HIV and AIDS. Misguided beliefs blur people's common sense and generate unreasonable ideas. The viral strain and disorder are quite severe and life-threatening, but current medical research and development have made great strides in the past several years to cut back the disease. This content includes popular myths and truths regarding the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus or HIV and the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. How You Can Get HIV/AIDS It is not possible to acquire HIV or AIDS by hugging, kissing, or sharing food items. Any kind of regular, day-to-day physical contact is risk-free. A number of people even think pests or insects can easily transmit the infection by biting us, but this is an incorrect idea. Some other HIV and AIDS misconceptions include expecting mothers and their unborn kids. Merely 33 % of HIV positive women transmit the viral... →Continue reading
  2. Can HIV Be Cured Today?

    According to science, no procedure has been medically proven to reliably eliminate the HIV virus from the body of an infected person or reverse the damage done to the human immune system. This lack of functional cure has necessitated so many treatments which have been advanced alongside therapies in recent years. With these efforts, the quality of life lived by those infected with HIV has been improved as they now live far more than anyone think could ever be... →Continue reading
  3. With Proper Support, Life Expectancy Of An HIV Patient Can Be Significantly Improved

    Over the past two decades, the life projection for people living with HIV has increased significantly given that many HIV infected persons can now live a healthier and longer life with good routine care. This rapid increase has occurred significantly since 1996 when the new antiretroviral drugs were developed in addition to the former existing antiretroviral therapies. The combination of these two resulted in a very effective regimen of HIV treatment. As at 1996, the total HIV life expectancy... →Continue reading
  4. Living With HIV the Healthy Way

    Living with HIV has always been one of the biggest fears of both the infected and uninfected person since it is generally believed that a person who has HIV no longer belongs to the normal class of citizens in the society. The social and mental segregation which a patient with HIV is, therefore, made to face is part of what still promotes the fear of HIV in our world today. The development of medical science has gone a long... →Continue reading
  5. How Does One Successfully Live With HIV in the Body?

    Ever seen the saddened face of a person whose HIV result has just come out positive, the flashes of a thousand years that goes through his/her mind? It’s that terrible, trying to imagine the level of fear associated with the contraction of HIV. When asked, many often say their greatest fear in life is being infected with the incurable disease called HIV yet many fail to tune their minds to the possibility to survive and lead a healthy life... →Continue reading

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