HIV Protection

  1. Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infections

    HIV also knows as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a type of virus that first infects you with HIV but when you reach to its seventh state you probably get affected by AIDS too. HIV comes in two forms mainly; the first form is in a free particle form, and the other is in the shape of a virus surrounded by immune cells that are infected. There are many ways which can give you HIV and there are also... → Continue reading
  2. Learn How You Can Get HIV If You Are Not Careful Enough

    Gone are the days when people were so disturbed about being infected with HIV whenever they stay close to the carriers of the disease. People now get less worried because of the awareness on the subject of HIV as a result of civilization which increases without bounds. Be that as it may, some still live with the notion that HIV could be contracted differently and infected people ought to be isolated. It is important to say that HIV does... → Continue reading
  3. Important HIV/AIDS Recommendations for the Infected and Uninfected

    While the world at large battles with the numerous challenges of the dreaded HIV, many have tried in their own respective capacities to recommend various tactics on the subject of combating the virus. Some have advised on how people could live without ever contracting the disease while others have proposed other methods that could be helpful while living a healthy life even after being infected. In all, these HIV recommendations have helped many to view the disease differently from... → Continue reading

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