HIV Prevention

  1. The Risk Of HIV And Sex Workers

    Being a sex worker increases your risk of becoming infected or transmitting the HIV virus as well as other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Sex workers are people (both male and female) who trade sex for money, drugs, food, or shelter. Sex work crosses many socioeconomic levels: High-end escorts Massage parlors Adult film industry Exotic dancers In Nevada state regulated prostitutes Streetwalkers (men, women, transgender who use sex to survive) Because sex workers are at a higher risk for... → Continue reading
  2. YMSM (Young Men Who Have Sex With Men) And HIV Risks

    There are a lot of teenagers and young adults who are still at risk of getting infected with HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, especially in the USA. Statistics show that 38,739 people living in the USA have been new victims of this dangerous and life-threatening infection in 2017. About 20% of them were YMSM or young men who have sex with men, primarily African American population, who are at really high risk of getting infected with HIV virus. The... → Continue reading
  3. HIV And The African American Population

    The fact is that the African American population is among the ones who most get affected by HIV infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2017, blacks/African Americans accounted for 13% of the USA population but 43% (16,694) of the 38,739 new HIV diagnoses in the United States and dependent areas. Most of the people affected by the HIV virus in the African American population are gay and bisexual, and the population accounts for a... → Continue reading
  4. HIV In Correctional Institutions

    In the USA in 2018, there are more than two million prisoners in jails all across the country. As they are incarcerated, they are also at high risk of getting infected with HIV and spreading it onto others in that same environment. Prisoners in correctional facilities have a lot of health problems and issues, which, apart from HIV, include getting infected with other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as hepatitis and tuberculosis. Most of these people get infected with... → Continue reading
  5. Can HIV Be Cured Today?

    According to science, no procedure has been medically proven to reliably eliminate the HIV virus from the body of an infected person or reverse the damage done to the human immune system. This lack of functional cure has necessitated so many treatments which have been advanced alongside therapies in recent years. With these efforts, the quality of life lived by those infected with HIV has been improved as they now live far more than anyone think could ever be... → Continue reading
  6. Common Causes of HIV

    The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) attacks the immune system of a person infected with the virus. When the immune system, which happens to be the body’s natural defense or shield becomes weak, the body generally becomes susceptible to other forms of diseases. The virus which gives way for these infections is subsequently referred to as HIV. HIV is caused by a host of activities going on inside the body, step by step compromising the immune system until such a... → Continue reading
  7. Learn How You Can Get HIV If You Are Not Careful Enough

    Gone are the days when people were so disturbed about being infected with HIV whenever they stay close to the carriers of the disease. People now get less worried because of the awareness on the subject of HIV as a result of civilization which increases without bounds. Be that as it may, some still live with the notion that HIV could be contracted differently and infected people ought to be isolated. It is important to say that HIV does... → Continue reading
  8. Is AIDS Really an STD?

    It is important to resolve the complications around the status and category of AIDS among other classes of conditions which are termed as sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Simply put, comparing STD with AIDS is looking out for the difference between a generic and specific aspect of a particular thing. Just as toothpaste cannot be compared to Colgate, for example, STD cannot be put in the same class with AIDS. Be that as it may, the question interrogating if AIDS... → Continue reading
  9. The Early Symptoms of HIV in Women

    Women are not an exception to experiencing the early symptoms of HIV when they are infected. Although, some do not feel the signs, most often notice them but most times feel they are symptoms of other kinds of ‘small,’ inconsequential medical conditions. It is important to note that having the symptoms of HIV as a woman is not a gateway to death or perpetual illness because even at the early stage, the symptoms could be knocked out and the... → Continue reading
  10. Very Crucial HIV Guidelines Everyone Should Be Aware Of

    No doubt, HIV patients always need to tailor their minds, body, and total psychology towards positive thinking to help them go about their normal life and course of activities. The management and treatment of HIV are known to vary from stage to stage considering that a person who recently contracted the disease cannot go through the same process as someone who has full-blown AIDS. This then necessitates various guidelines, even though linked, for relative purposes, to help achieve the sole... → Continue reading

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