HIV Home testing

  1. Different Types of HIV Tests

    If you had unprotected sex and you think you are at risk of getting HIV infection, you need to get tested immediately. Treatment of HIV can be a lot easier if detected earlier. There are two tests that can be done, an antibody screening test and antigen test. Antibody screening test The antibody screening test, also known as immunoassay test is a process wherein it will check if the body is producing antibodies to fight the HIV infection. It... → Continue reading
  2. HIV Home Test Kits Can Save Your Life

    A large percentage of people in the world today are living with HIV without being aware of the fact that they have been infected with the virus. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) attacks the immune system by destroying cells responsible for an immune response. This infection has a window period whereby tiny antibodies are slowly generated by the body in response to the viral entry. The symptoms of HIV are mostly confused with other medical conditions like malaria, typhoid fever... → Continue reading

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