HIV HAART Therapies

  1. HIV And HAART

    What Is HAART Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapies are the current therapies for human immunodeficiency virus. While there is no cure for human immunodeficiency virus HAART therapies can reduce the amount of human immunodeficiency virus in the blood. With the viral load lower the body will make new healthy T-cells. HIV patients can live a fairly normal lifespan if they adhere to treatments and make healthy choices in food and get adequate physical activity. How Do HAART Therapies Work? First... → Continue reading
  2. What Treatment Options Do AIDS Patients Have?

    “Please steer clear! I don’t want to have a close contact with you so I don’t contract this deadly disease that can ruin my life entirely.” Such painful words are what an AIDS patient may likely regard as one of their greatest fears alongside the lack of access to treatment, which is another source of worry. Over time, AIDS patients have been treated with disdain, segregated from society, and go through a great deal of discrimination until modern developments... → Continue reading

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