HIV complications

  1. The Risk Of HIV And Sex Workers

    Being a sex worker increases your risk of becoming infected or transmitting the HIV virus as well as other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Sex workers are people (both male and female) who trade sex for money, drugs, food, or shelter. Sex work crosses many socioeconomic levels: High-end escorts Massage parlors Adult film industry Exotic dancers In Nevada state regulated prostitutes Streetwalkers (men, women, transgender who use sex to survive) Because sex workers are at a higher risk for... → Continue reading
  2. What Are Some HIV/AIDS Complications?

    First off, what is HIV/AIDS? HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the retrovirus accountable for AIDS or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It has been around since the end of the nineteenth century and is said to have joined the human society via a chimpanzee in the southeastern Cameroon region during a period of urban changes. When a person is in the later stages of the HIV viral strain or has acquired the AIDS condition, their immune system is... → Continue reading
  3. HIV Medicines Adverse Side Effects and Complications

    Do HIV medicines cause adverse reactions or side effects? Yes, just like any other medicines, side-effects can also be caused by HIV medicines. People living with HIV who manage the severity of their HIV symptoms with HIV medicines for them to continue living with HIV a little healthier and with a little bit of comfort, already have compromised immune responses due to the immune-compromising nature of HIV. Even if HIV medicine side effects hardly ever happen and most of... → Continue reading
  4. Symptoms of AIDS in Women

    One might wonder if, as a woman, the symptoms of AIDS might differ from that of men if/when infected. The fact remains that a lot of AIDS symptoms cut across the male and female gender but there are still some peculiar symptoms which a woman would experience, yet such would never be experienced by a man. Below are the general symptoms of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in women. Menstrual changes Women with AIDS would experience changes in their menstrual... → Continue reading
  5. With Proper Support, Life Expectancy Of An HIV Patient Can Be Significantly Improved

    Over the past two decades, the life projection for people living with HIV has increased significantly given that many HIV infected persons can now live a healthier and longer life with good routine care. This rapid increase has occurred significantly since 1996 when the new antiretroviral drugs were developed in addition to the former existing antiretroviral therapies. The combination of these two resulted in a very effective regimen of HIV treatment. As at 1996, the total HIV life expectancy... → Continue reading

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