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  1. Children And Hepatitis C Virus

    Children And Hepatitis C Virus
    Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) can cause chronic liver infection, disease, and even death. It can also bring on several rheumatic disorders that cause pain in joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Often there are no symptoms and with babies it is especially hard to tell since they cannot yet talk to tell you what is wrong. Children cannot spread HCV by hugging, touching, or kissing. The long-term effects of hepatitis C on the liver of children can lead to scarring of the liver from chronic infection. → Continue reading
  2. Know The Dangers Of Hepatitis C

    Know The Dangers Of Hepatitis C
    A rash caused by chronic hepatitis C One of the most dangerous diseases that can affect the liver is Hepatitis C. It is an infection that is caused by the Hepatitis C virus. It may be a temporary condition that lasts for several weeks to a few months, to a permanent medical condition. There are two types of Hepatitis C infection. The acute Hepatitis C, which is the temporary medical infection that lasts for several weeks to a few... → Continue reading
  3. Dietary Supplements And Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C is a liver disease that is caused by a virus. Usually, hepatitis C is chronic, but the majority of people do not experience any symptoms until the virus causes damage to the liver. This usually happens within ten or more years. If one suffering from hepatitis C does not have medical treatment, chronic hepatitis usually leads to liver failure or liver cancer. As well as using medical treatment to treat hepatitis C, dietary supplements and health approaches may... → Continue reading
  4. Everything You Need To Know About Hepatitis C

    What Is Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is an infection or a virus that causes inflammation of the liver and liver disease. A virus can cause sickness and can be passed on from person to person. Inflammation refers to the swelling that happens when the tissues of the body become infected or injured. Inflammation also causes organs to not function properly. Who Gets Hepatitis C Anyone can get the disease, but those that have are higher risk include: Someone born... → Continue reading
  5. Two Liver Diseases: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

    Two common liver diseases are Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.  Both usually begin without symptoms, which eventually escalate to vomiting, dark urine, abdominal pain, yellow skin, and feeling tired. Symptoms are inflammation and edema of the liver, which interferes with its function.  This is one of the most common chronic liver diseases. Hepatitis B Hepatitis B can cure itself if the infection is acute (self-limiting).  Sometimes it will even disappear spontaneously after several weeks.  However, the virus will stay in... → Continue reading
  6. How Does Hepatitis C Affect The Prison Population

    What is Hepatitis Hepatitis in simple terms means inflammation of the liver.  The liver helps the body digest food, clean the blood, and fight germs or infections. If the liver is damaged it leads to jaundice and eventually it shuts down which then in order to save the life of the patient requires a liver transplant. There are three types of hepatitis A, B, and C. Each one differs from the other and spread in different ways.  The most... → Continue reading
  7. FAQ: Sex And Hepatitis C

    People who have hepatitis C worry about spreading it to their partner through sex, while it is not very likely, there is still a small possibility that you could spread it by sex. It is best to be open and honest with your partner(s). Can you pass the virus to your sexual partner? Yes, but it is very unlikely. It is more like that hepatitis b and HIV will be contracted through sex than hepatitis c.   If you are in... → Continue reading
  8. Alternative Treatment Options For Hepatitis C Patients

    The primary standard treatment solution for hepatitis C is Interferon. Interferon possesses numerous tricky side effects, and the treatment is rather damaging. Even after medication, the success rate is poor. The success rate has gone up to some degree with the introduction of ribavirin, however, the treatment system is unpleasant and it is usually not well tolerated. In addition, people with particular genotypes of the hepatitis C virus do not take action surely to the interferon and ribavirin process... → Continue reading
  9. Three types of Hepatitis C treatment

    Hepatitis C is a liver infection and like Hepatitis B, it can damage the liver that can lead to more serious medical conditions. According to reports, Hepatitis C affects at least 3 million US citizens and it is often caused by sharing needles when using joints or during pot and cocaine sessions. There are different strains of Hepatitis C as well and among the end results of untreated Hepatitis C infection are cirrhosis, scarring of the liver and cancer. Treatment... → Continue reading
  10. Treat A Kid With Hepatitis C Infection Effectively

    The treatment which is given to a child with hepatitis fully depends on what type of hepatitis C he or she is diagnosed with. As hepatitis C has six different types of genotypes, and in each type, the patient must be treated in a variety of ways and must be given the medication that he or she needs according to his or her stage which apparently means that the most important thing when a person gets tested is the... → Continue reading

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