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  1. Hepatitis B Treatment for Kids

    If your kid seems to be showing symptoms that he has Hepatitis B infection, don’t hesitate to have him tested. Despite the fact that Hepatitis B is not like other chronic diseases that can cause disabilities and physical deformities, children with Hepatitis B can still suffer from their condition. For one, since this condition is communicable, some children might stereotype him for it and avoid him because to avoid being infected. Hepatitis B and your kid’s growth Your kid’s physical... →Continue reading
  2. Chronic Hepatitis B and Treatments

    With continuous studies and research, pharmaceutical companies are now releasing more and more drugs that can treat Hepatitis B infection. Today, there are now 7 drugs that can be prescribed to adults while children with Hepatitis B have two drug options. These Hepatitis B drugs are all FDA approved. 7 drugs that can be prescribed to Hepatitis B patients Intron A Intron A was also known as Interferon Alpha is a Hepatitis B treatment in the form of injectable... →Continue reading
  3. Hepatitis B: What Is It, And How I Get It?

    Hepatitis B is a viral infection. There are three types of hepatitis, but only the B strains are considered STDs. These viruses have a different effect. Hepatitis B attacks the liver and liver functions, causing it to harden and not be able to filter the blood like it should. Like many of the other STDs, nearly half of the people with this infection show no symptoms. Hepatitis B is a more stable version of the virus, being able to... →Continue reading
  4. How Do Hepatitis B Surface Antigens Work in The Human Body?

    One of the most notorious sexually transmitted diseases is the hepatitis infection which is very common among sex workers and those with numerous sexual partners. The hepatitis infection affects the liver and eventually causes an inflammation in the surrounding cells of the liver, largely due to the reaction between hepatitis virus and the consequent antibodies generated to fight against the virus. Hepatitis B Virus is one of the 5 basic types of hepatitis viral infection. The virus which is... →Continue reading
  5. Why Is Hepatitis B Booster Vaccine Becoming So Popular?

    Hepatitis B is a prominent global health challenge because it is a viral infection that has an adverse effect on the liver and can result in acute or chronic liver diseases. This virus ranges from a mild illness not exceeding a few weeks, to a lifelong illness. A lot of people with Hepatitis B virus do not know they have the virus, it is only in the rare circumstance that symptoms manifest physically at the early stage that carriers get... →Continue reading
  6. What is Hepatitis B Core Anti-Body?

    Hepatitis B core antibody is said to be present once there is an acute or chronic infection in the body. Acute infection in this light usually occurs when someone is newly infected with the virus, while the chronic infection, on the other hand, is long-term and in most cases, without symptoms. It is important to add here that the Hepatitis B core antibody is an advanced infection of the Hepatitis B virus. The body’s immune system gives rise to... →Continue reading
  7. Who is a Hepatitis B Carrier?

    The total eradication of diseases in the world today has been very difficult to achieve as a result of transmission from one person to another. By implication, a person could simply be infected and pass it on to another uninfected person who then battles with the symptoms of the newly infected condition. While the treatment of the initial patient could be possible given the numerous medications available, that victory does not, at any level, affect the newly infected person... →Continue reading

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