Hepatitis B symptoms

  1. Testing Hepatitis B in Kids

    To keep our body clean and fresh all the time, we have our liver to clean it. Our liver is one of the organs responsible for cleaning our body from waste and toxins. Our liver is responsible as well in digesting our foods and keeping it where it is so we can use it for our daily energy needs. If our liver gets infected with a virus that causes Hepatitis B, then that is where the problem begins. Hepatitis means... → Continue reading
  2. What Are The Warning Signs Of Hepatitis B?

    Hepatitis is among the most typical illnesses people have nowadays. It is the term for a number of medical maladies that lead to the liver to inflame. The swelling is a result of inflammatory cells that came from an infection, accidental injuries, or prescription medications and harmful toxins and bacteria. It is very important to get yourself tested by using a hepatitis test kit or by going to your doctor. Hepatitis epidemics have occurred in different parts of the world, and the casualties have been disturbing. What are the reasons behind hepatitis? Hepatitis can be contracted thru a variety of ways. It can be attributable to certain kinds of bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa, algae, or fungi. It can also be the reaction... → Continue reading
  3. Hepatitis B: What Is It, And How I Get It?

    Hepatitis B is a viral infection. There are three types of hepatitis, but only the B strains are considered STDs. These viruses have a different effect. Hepatitis B attacks the liver and liver functions, causing it to harden and not be able to filter the blood like it should. Like many of the other STDs, nearly half of the people with this infection show no symptoms. Hepatitis B is a more stable version of the virus, being able to... → Continue reading
  4. What is Hepatitis B Core Anti-Body?

    Hepatitis B core antibody is said to be present once there is an acute or chronic infection in the body. Acute infection in this light usually occurs when someone is newly infected with the virus, while the chronic infection, on the other hand, is long-term and in most cases, without symptoms. It is important to add here that the Hepatitis B core antibody is an advanced infection of the Hepatitis B virus. The body’s immune system gives rise to... → Continue reading
  5. Chronic Hepatitis B Can Lead To Liver Cirrhosis And Cancer

    Many, all over the world, have died as a result of Chronic Hepatitis B. It Most of these may have had of the disease but do not pay any attention to it; others are just plain ignorant about its symptoms. How then can one explain what Chronic Hepatitis B is when faced with the question? Chronic Hepatitis B is caused by a virus referred to as Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) that strongly fights and attacks the liver. There are... → Continue reading
  6. Who is a Hepatitis B Carrier?

    The total eradication of diseases in the world today has been very difficult to achieve as a result of transmission from one person to another. By implication, a person could simply be infected and pass it on to another uninfected person who then battles with the symptoms of the newly infected condition. While the treatment of the initial patient could be possible given the numerous medications available, that victory does not, at any level, affect the newly infected person... → Continue reading
  7. Hepatitis B Disease is a Dangerous Liver Condition

    Achieving and sustaining good health happens to be the greatest treasure anyone can seek, and this explains why so much has been invested in the search and discovery of treatments for many forms of diseases. It is further expected, in that vein, that more treatments to conditions that cannot be currently eradicated would surface eventually. In the meantime, though, those that cannot be cured but can be managed, like Hepatitis B, should be done with zeal. The Hepatitis B... → Continue reading

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