hepatitis b in life

  1. Can Hepatitis B be cured?

    About 80 percent of persons living with hepatitis B do not experience symptoms in the course of having this infection. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 257 million people are living with hepatitis B virus infection. However, some persons develop the symptoms which are prominent and last even for several weeks. The cure for hepatitis B is a topic with many divergent of which this article is tailored to put away whatever uncertainties which one might have... →Continue reading
  2. Who is a Hepatitis B Carrier?

    The total eradication of diseases in the world today has been very difficult to achieve as a result of transmission from one person to another. By implication, a person could simply be infected and pass it on to another uninfected person who then battles with the symptoms of the newly infected condition. While the treatment of the initial patient could be possible given the numerous medications available, that victory does not, at any level, affect the newly infected person... →Continue reading

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