AIDS/HIV Management

  1. What Are Some HIV/AIDS Complications?

    First off, what is HIV/AIDS? HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the retrovirus accountable for AIDS or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It has been around since the end of the nineteenth century and is said to have joined the human society via a chimpanzee in the southeastern Cameroon region during a period of urban changes. When a person is in the later stages of the HIV viral strain or has acquired the AIDS condition, their immune system is... → Continue reading
  2. HIV And Aging

    A Significant Public Health Concern Since the late 1990s with the development of HAARP (highly active anti-retroviral therapy), today HIV is considered a severe chronic condition that is pretty well managed.  People who start HAARP early can anticipate living another 30 or 50 years and some well into old age. This creates a significant health concern as many of these people who are HIV develop other chronic illnesses like heart disease, kidney disease, or cognitive impairments tens of years... → Continue reading
  3. Living With HIV the Healthy Way

    Living with HIV has always been one of the biggest fears of both the infected and uninfected person since it is generally believed that a person who has HIV no longer belongs to the normal class of citizens in the society. The social and mental segregation which a patient with HIV is, therefore, made to face is part of what still promotes the fear of HIV in our world today. The development of medical science has gone a long... → Continue reading
  4. Is AIDS Really an STD?

    It is important to resolve the complications around the status and category of AIDS among other classes of conditions which are termed as sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Simply put, comparing STD with AIDS is looking out for the difference between a generic and specific aspect of a particular thing. Just as toothpaste cannot be compared to Colgate, for example, STD cannot be put in the same class with AIDS. Be that as it may, the question interrogating if AIDS... → Continue reading
  5. HIV Is Manageable But Not Curable Yet

    One of the best ways to know a trending topic is by listening to the frequent questions being asked on various subjects; such is the observation in the medical world today. Over the past few decades, one of the most recurring questions is whether HIV has a cure or not and whether the medication available to the patients would only suppress or kill the virus completely. HIV is one common virus that leaves a whole lot of folks trembling... → Continue reading
  6. The Cure for AIDS is just around the Corner

    The existence of a cure for AIDS is a subject that interests the world in a general sense. The cure of AIDS is highly anticipated among infected people, governments of nations, and many who feel the scourge of this dreaded disease. Several efforts have therefore been made to create therapies and pharmaceutical drugs in order to cure this debilitating disease but have, so far, been to no avail. Be that as it may, the world currently agrees on how to... → Continue reading

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