About HIV

  1. HIV Rash And How To Treat It

    Most of the times people get to know that they have HIV after they take tests for the symptoms that probably showed up a few months ago. When a person is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), a plethora of symptoms such as flu and feverish feelings become evident. However, the earliest symptom of HIV as reported in numerous cases are rashes or lesions on the body of the patient. The reason for this is not far-fetched since rashes... → Continue reading
  2. HIV And HAART

    What Is HAART Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapies are the current therapies for human immunodeficiency virus. While there is no cure for human immunodeficiency virus HAART therapies can reduce the amount of human immunodeficiency virus in the blood. With the viral load lower the body will make new healthy T-cells. HIV patients can live a fairly normal lifespan if they adhere to treatments and make healthy choices in food and get adequate physical activity. How Do HAART Therapies Work? First... → Continue reading
  3. What Are Some HIV/AIDS Complications?

    First off, what is HIV/AIDS? HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the retrovirus accountable for AIDS or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It has been around since the end of the nineteenth century and is said to have joined the human society via a chimpanzee in the southeastern Cameroon region during a period of urban changes. When a person is in the later stages of the HIV viral strain or has acquired the AIDS condition, their immune system is... → Continue reading
  4. HIV Stigma – Before and Today

    When HIV was first diagnosed and was categorized as a sexually transmitted infection, people who had it were discriminated. The stigma that the disease brings led to more people with infection to just hide and avoid treatment altogether. Among the results of HIV stigma back then were: Avoiding treatment Fear of violence Discourages people to seek treatment and come out Discourages people to be honest with their partners, even with their families Families disown their relatives with HIV It... → Continue reading
  5. You Think You Are HIV Negative? Think Again!

    Going through an HIV test and coming out with a negative result can be a mighty relief. This is a very important step which should be commended because it is a first step towards taking care of one’s self and health. It is, however, important to know that it could take a couple of weeks or months in rare cases for an HIV test result to come out positive after a person is infected. This remarkable period of time... → Continue reading
  6. What's All The Fuss About HIV Antibodies and Antigens?

    The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a sexually Transmitted disease that quickly sends a shiver down the spine with great fear gripping the audience, listener, or reader whenever it is mentioned. This is largely because of the deadly nature of the virus and the fact that it is still impossible to cure as at today, thereby making it very expensive to manage whenever one or one’s family member has the infection. Antibodies, on the other hand, are tiny proteins... → Continue reading
  7. What is HIV Window Period?

    Many people have heard about the HIV window period but because HIV is a subject which people often lack the interest to know and talk about, less attention is given to what an HIV window period is all about. Not to worry, this article would provide specific information one ought to know about HIV Window Period. It has been described over time as that particular period of time after which an infected person would test negative for an HIV... → Continue reading
  8. How to (NOT) Contract HIV

    Contracting HIV is one of the biggest fears of any person who at any point in time, has heard about the horrors of the disease. For this reason, many have held on to awkward beliefs about HIV for years which have, consequently, misled other ignorant persons also. Knowing how a human contracts HIV goes beyond mere speculation or set of beliefs which have been passed on from generation to generations It is therefore important to consider some of these... → Continue reading
  9. What is Your HIV Prognosis Saying?

    The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) used to be regarded, before now, as a terminal disease that requires folks to run away from anyone that is infected with it. Recently, modern science has greatly improved and such notions have changed drastically. People with HIV are now regarded as normal beings that may even live a longer and healthier life than those who are not infected if the right things are done. The subject of HIV prognosis is, therefore, frequently discussed... → Continue reading
  10. Beware; Over 100,000 People are Living with HIV in the U.K

    The UK has had her share of the global wave of HIV epidemic. However, with intensive healthcare management and strategies, the story has virtually become a thing of the past. There are about 101,200 persons living with HIV in the United Kingdom. A whopping 89,400 of them live in England. Compared with the HIV statistics in the United States, the HIV epidemic in the UK is small. Be that as it may, the prevalence of HIV is more among... → Continue reading

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