Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infections
HIV also knows as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a type of virus that first infects you with HIV but when you reach to its seventh state you probably get affected by AIDS too. HIV comes in two forms mainly; the first form is in a free particle form, and the other is in the shape of a virus surrounded by immune cells that are infected. There are many ways which can give you HIV and there are also many ways to control it but still till now there is no definite cure for it.

Ways By which person can get HIV:

  • Exposure to infected vaginal fluids.
  • Exposure to infected blood.
  • Using infected needles.
  • Exposure to infected rectal fluids.
  • Contact or drinking of contaminated breast milk
  • Exposure to infected semen.

How to reduce the risk of getting HIV?

If you use injections or if you have an active sex life then you have a high danger of getting infected with AIDS or HIV.

Steps to reduce the risk of getting HIV infection

Following if a person wants to take good care of him and wants to lessen the risk of suffering from HIV he might follow the steps written below:

  • Should never have risky or less protected sex.
  • You must use a condom anytime you have sex and especially when you have more than one partner.
  • You should get yourself tested to know if you are alright or not and you must also trust your partner to an extent that he or she tells you if he or she has been tested positive for any disease.
  • You must choose your partner very carefully.
  • Just focus on your partner, don’t have sex more with different people.
  • If you feel that you have any sexual disease, then you must get yourself treated and not have sex at that time.
  • You must make sure that you are using clean, sterile and clean needles if you are taking help from injections.
HIV Is Manageable But Not Curable Yet

What is the Working of HIV?

The HIV disease also is known as the human immunodeficiency virus mainly attacks your CD4 cells in the body, as the CD4 is a type of white blood cells which are so essential to our body system because they play the important role when a human is suffering from any disease or infection. So if our CD4 decrease in quantity we will get feeble and won’t be able to fight against the other diseases we are vulnerable too. The HIV lifecycle mainly consists of 7 stages or steps. Different types of medicines and drugs are used for people suffering from various kinds of stages of the HIV lifecycle. These drugs and medications protect your immune system so that you don’t get much weak.

Treatment of HIV

If you are suffering from HIV infection, then the only thing you can do against is to have ARTS or also known as antiretroviral therapy. When the treatment of HIV is being given to a particular person, a combination of some sorts of HIV drug is used with a special kind of HIV Medicine. As every other disease has some stages, HIV also has some, as on each stage another sort of drug is mixed with the medicines for each of the stages. We can for surely control the virus to increase by the ART method, till now it’s only the way that can probably be used. ART is just not a definite cure for the HIV infection but it for sure helps the patient not to pass it to others and live longer than he would have lived without the treatment.

Important HIV/AIDS Recommendations for the Infected and Uninfected