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A test for the most common STD, Chlamydia, reportedly delivers accurate and quick result fast enough that someone can be assured whether they have the infection within 15 minutes. Experts state that their patients can acquire results before they even leave their doctor’s office, which allows them to get started with their treatments as quickly as possible.

The prompt results can help shorten the time between diagnosing the infection and getting proper treatment. This helps limit the transmission of the disease.

Researchers did study the effectiveness of various rapid testing kits that are recommended for Chlamydia comparing it to the standard testing kits.

Women ages 14 and above who were participating in the study went through the screening for the STD at a teen health center and an STD clinic was also recruited for this purpose.

Participants were provided both rapid and standard tests. They also filled a questionnaire about their attitude towards point-of-care testing for Chlamydia.

The study concluded that the Atlas test was just as accurate as of the standard Chlamydia test. 70 percent of the study participants stated that they would choose the point-of-care test, which comprises of a vaginal self-swab – if it was accessible.

It was quite promising to notice how well-received the test was among the participants. The world certainly has been waiting for point-of-care STD testing.

Furthermore, 61 percent of the women state that they would prefer waiting up to 20 minutes for their test results if it meant getting treatment before they would have left their doctor’s clinic. The other 26 percent stated that they are willing to wait up for 40 minutes to obtain their test results.

The most current Chlamydia tests tend to have a prolonged turnaround time, which leads to results being reported hours or even days after the individual has left the healthcare clinic. Such delays can greatly impact the clinical results due to missed treatment or treatment delays while the patients are not being located. Shorter assays like the Atlas system requires only 30 minutes and the patients will be getting their test results in max 30 minutes.

Chlamydia diagnosis test without lab

Timely Screening Helps Prevent Further Infection

The lag between getting screened and obtaining results can greatly increase the risk of further transmission of the infection. If you delay the treatment, you are basically delaying personal notification.

The research concluded that 96 percent of the women stated that they would prefer to notify their sexual partner(s) about their Chlamydia screening results. The objective of any infectious disease is to have point-of-contact screening.

86 percent of the study participants stated that self-administering the test was convenient and most mentioned that they are willing to pay up to $20 for the feature to take the test at home and mail their samples in to obtain the results.

It is great for a patient to be able to choose if they come into the clinic, visit the pharmacy, or take a testing kit at-home for STD diagnosis. The crux is to encourage people to get them screened.

At-home testing kits would also counter the stigma that has been attached to catching sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia or even visiting an STD clinic. It is imperative to remove as many barriers to personal care as possible.

Why Choose Rapid STD Testing Kits?

Rapid STD testing kits have been designed to save people effort, time, and stress while diagnosing an STI. Some of the tests are performed in a healthcare facility, whereas others can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of their home.

The prime objective of such testing kits is to avoid one of the most common issues seen at the STD facilities: people who fail to get back to the clinic for their results. Sometimes, an individual will get up the nerve to be screened only to back out when it is time to get their results. Consequently, an STD if left untreated is further allowed to spread to others.

Overcome The Barriers To STD Testing

Rapid STD testing kits allow individuals to obtain their results in max 30 minutes rather than in days or weeks. If they test positive, they have the opportunity to acquire immediate treatment rather than having to come back to the clinic to fill a prescription. With STDs such as HIV, it is crucial as the timely treatment helps translates to a lower risk of diseases and a longer lifespan.

Chlamydia diagnosis test without lab

The latest testing option also aims to overcome another aspect that keeps several hands away: blood and needles. Depending on the disease, rapid testing kits perhaps only require a swab of urine or other body fluids as samples.

Accuracy Rapid STD Testing Kits Offer

Not all STD rapid testing kits are created equal. Some of these kits offer higher specificity and sensitivity than others. Sensitively is basically the ability of the testing kit to accurately identify an STD, whereas specificity is the ability to precisely identify those who are without the disease.

When screening for acute infection, rapid testing kits offer the average specificity and sensitivity:

  • Gonorrhea – 86% sensitivity, 97% specificity
  • Chlamydia – 86% sensitivity, 97% specificity
  • Syphilis - 85% sensitivity, 91% specificity
  • HPV - 86% sensitivity, 84% specificity
  • Hepatitis B - 97% sensitivity, 99% specificity
  • Herpes simplex - 93% sensitivity, 99.9% specificity
  • HIV (oral swab, at-home) - 92% sensitivity, 99% specificity
  • HIV (blood) - 99% sensitivity, 99.9% specificity

The lower sensitivity rate, unfortunately, reads to an increased risk of false negative results. This means that an individual is ‘all-clear’ whereas they are actually infected. With the currently accessible at-home HIV testing kits, the 92% sensitivity translates to a false negative out of every 15 tests.

This is why specific bacterial diseases such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are more accurately diagnosed with a culture rather than a rapid test.

Are At-home Testing Kits Good Enough?

The failure rate the at-home testing kits is much related to the products’ misuse, which includes inaccurate swabbing and testing outside of the particular window period as the technical complications of the tests themselves. It is for this reason that any inconclusive, positive, or suspicious negative results from the at-home testing kits be followed up with in-office testing at your doctor’s office or local clinics.

Widespread Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, with more than 1.7 million cases being reported yearly.

Chlamydia diagnosis test without lab

The report rate of Chlamydia cases, which can be passed on from one person to another by oral or vaginal sex, has increased by 22% since 2013.

If left untreated, the infection can lead to serious health issues, particularly among women, including chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and a higher risk of tubal pregnancies.

All those who contract Chlamydia diseases will show some common symptoms such as discharge from the vagina or penis. Others, nevertheless, may not exhibit any prominent symptoms, which increase the risk of passing on the disease any further.

Health experts believe that rapid testing perhaps helps boost patient outcomes, but further research would be required.

STDrapidtestkits – a service that offers Chlamydia testing considers that vaginal swabs are usually a lot more uncomfortable and technically tough for the patients to perform them accurately, so large-scale research would be recommended to compare vaginal swab properly against urine Chlamydia testing.

People have been praising the advancement underlying the rapid Chlamydia test kits. It offers an additional benefit which could be useful in reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Most patients believe that the suspected Chlamydia symptoms are being treated with antibiotics prior to obtaining complete test results. STD rapid testing, if accurately performed, appears like it can bring down the necessity of empirical Chlamydia treatment as long as proper patient follow-up is made available.

However, gonorrhea is generally treated empirically if Chlamydia infection is suspected, and will still be needed even if the option of rapid Chlamydia testing is being used.

The women who participated in the study were basically African-American. The average age was 27 years. Approximately half were reported to have Chlamydia infection in the past.


The latest, rapid STD testing for Chlamydia can help yield accurate test results in max 30 minutes. Patients who obtain test results at the point of contact with the healthcare facility can get started with their treatment immediately.

Early diagnosis and effective treatment help prevent health issues for individuals with the disease and prevent it from spreading further.