Combo STD Test Kit
Co-infection is defined as having more than one infection. Co-infections of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are quite common. For example, it has been estimated that approximately half of the gonorrhea infections are accompanied by chlamydial infections. Gonorrhea and HIV co-infection are also common. Such co-infections can change the manner of disease progression as well as treatment outcomes. Many STDs do not produce any symptoms, with symptoms becoming distinct only when the disease is at an advanced stage. Therefore, short of leaving STDs to take their natural course, laboratory testing is the only reliable way to know that you have an infection.

In fact, such laboratory tests have been miniaturized into home testing kits. If you suspect that you may have more than one STD, our Combo test kit bundle provides the multiple test kits you need to detect a range of different STDs. The test kits included in our Combo bundle allow you to detect six STDs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Using our STD Combo bundle, you can test for possible infection in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. The test kits give you reliable and accurate results within 15 minutes (per test kit) and has been GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 13485 certified.

However, please keep in mind that certain STDs like HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C have a window period, which varies depending on the disease. This window period is the time during which a person is infected, but tests negative for the disease. So if you test negative, it may be due to the window period, and you will need to repeat the test to be on the safe side.

Over-The-Counter STD Test Kits Are Affordable and Effective

Here are some important details on the STDs and their respective test kits:


  • Caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Can cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women and epididymitis in men, both of which can lead to infertility and other complications such as abscess formation and chronic pain
  • Test kit detects an antigen (a type of protein) that is present on the surface of C. trachomatis
  • Requires epithelial swab o Infection can be treated with antibiotics


  • Caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Like chlamydia, gonorrhea can cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women and epididymitis in men
  • Test kit detects an antigen present on the surface of N. gonorrhoeae
  • Requires epithelial swab
  • Infection can be treated with antibiotics, but antibiotic resistance is on the rise, particularly multidrug-resistant cases


  • Caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum
  • Causes genital lesions initially, but later stages can lead to severe complications such as gummatous syphilis and neurosyphilis
  • Test kit detects antibodies against a protein which is present on the surface of T. pallidum (antibodies are proteins produced by the body’s immune system in an attempt to fight off an infection)
  • Requires a blood sample
  • Infection can be treated with antibiotics


  • Caused by the human immunodeficiency virus
  • Causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), associated with increased risk of infection and cancer
  • Test kit detects both strains of HIV, HIV-1, and HIV-2, along with the presence of antibodies against the Group “O” antigen that is on the surface of the HIV envelope
  • Requires a blood sample
  • No cure exists yet, but current antiretroviral therapies are available to control the infection, which helps to preserve a person’s quality of life and life expectancy
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Hepatitis B

  • Caused by the hepatitis B virus
  • Chronic hepatitis B infection results in cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and an elevated risk of liver cancer
  • Test kit detects antibodies against the hepatitis B virus, as well as proteins that are present on the envelope of the virus
  • Requires a blood sample
  • No cure exists yet, but antiviral therapy is available to control the infection. This will help to prevent the development of complications, as well as life expectancy and quality of life

Hepatitis C

  • Caused by the hepatitis C virus
  • Like hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis C infection leads to cirrhosis, and an increased risk of cancer; diseases of the immune system are also associated with chronic hepatitis C infection
  • Test kit detects an antigen on the surface of the hepatitis C virus envelope
  • Requires a blood sample
  • Infection can be cured with antiviral therapy

Please keep in mind that testing is only the first step to protecting yourself from STDs. If you test positive, you must be sure to follow up on the result by seeking advice from a physician and obtaining the appropriate treatment. You should also refrain from having sex until you are advised by your medical provider that it is safe for you and your partner(s) to do so.

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