The ambiguity that Black Syphilis as a topic, belief, disease, or myth has created among people is alarming so much so that people now even prefer not to talk about it. Nonetheless, the recurring question, consequently, is whether black syphilis truly exists? Is there a management method or cure if it truly exists? Did it exist at a time and never existed anymore? Was it a myth or some cooked up story by some group of persons? Was it only made to scare some class of people?

These series of questions have often been asked without corresponding valid answers to resolve the uncertainties in the minds of researchers.

Black Syphilis is referred to as a pseudo-legendary STD by some who claim its probable origin is from East Asia. It is also believed by many that the disease has so many similarities as standard syphilis but grows at an alarming rate towards termination of the infected person’s life. Its symptoms are also said to be an infected genital that would continue to decay and eventually rot off.

The disease is said to have first existed among the U.S military personnel during the World War 2 in the 1940s and subsequently, the Korean War in the 50s. Only a few cases of this disease were said to be (medically) documented but even at that, the myth of Black Syphilis has spread fast among the Asians and American soldiers during the conflict of Vietnam.

This disease is, however, rumored to be in Thailand today but many have insisted that Black Syphilis is not a real disease. It was invented by the U.S military for the sole purpose of preventing their soldiers from paying visits to brothels during the Vietnam and Korean wars.

As a matter of fact, it was not specifically tagged but regarded as a collection of various bacterial infections which would grow rapidly and cause a great deal of harm to the patient.

Modern scientists have consequently held unto the grounds that there is no proof for the existence of Black Syphilis because it was only a myth to tailor the behaviors of some persons many decades ago during the war.

It is important at this juncture to understand that the recognized, acceptable and documented disease which is closely related to Black Syphilis in the world today is Syphilis itself. It happens to be quite related to Black Syphilis as described simply because it can be contracted via sexual intercourse.

Syphilis is occasioned by a bacterium known as Treponema Pallidum and may occasion severe health issues if not properly managed at the early stage.

How can a person contract Syphilis as opposed to Black Syphilis?

As opposed to Black Syphilis, which concentrated on people becoming infected by only visiting brothels, syphilis can be infected in numerous ways. Some can basically contract syphilis by coming in direct contact with the syphilitic sore that is known as chancre which can occur in many ways. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Unprotected oral sexual intercourse with an infected person
  • Unprotected anal sex with an infected person
  • Vaginal sexual intercourse with an infected person
  • By virtue of being an offspring to a woman who was infected with syphilis while pregnant

Black Syphilis was said to occasion a rot in the genitals which was ultimately scary for all those who heard about it; but syphilis, on the other hand, shows its symptoms after 21 days. Be that as it may, some may notice its symptoms between 10 to 90 days after contact with the infected person. This forms part of the reason why syphilis is referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’ because it could mislead a conducted test considering that its symptoms are similar to many other diseases.

The progression of Black Syphilis and Syphilis

The general notion is that Black Syphilis affects the genitals and as it makes progress, the affected area begins to degenerate till it totally rots off. Syphilis, on the other hand, progresses through stages which are:

  • The primary stage with painless sores at the location where syphilis entered the body. This could last for about 3 to 6 weeks whether the syphilis is treated or not.
  • The secondary stage where skin rashes occur and are rough in nature. It could occur on the palms of the hands or sole of the infected person’s feet.
  • The latent stage where no visible symptoms are seen but the disease would continue to live in the body. It may continue for about 4 years after 12 months of early infection.
  • The tertiary stage follows where multiple organs are affected and can be fatal too. These organs include the liver, brain, nerves, eyes, heart, bones, joints, and blood vessels, as the case may be.

Irrespective of these alarming details about syphilis, the disease can be diagnosed through a blood test like treponemal test and non-treponemal test. Once it is detected, treatment would be administered by a qualified medical doctor to cure syphilis. The patient is then advised to subsequently stay off activities that can cause re-infection.

Syphilis is talked about in the world today far more than Black Syphilis and that makes it important to understand these concepts properly and be able to differentiate myth from reality.