Nearly 20 million new cases of syphilis disease affect people in the United States every year according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. These highly preventable diseases usually come with symptoms that affect the entire body system – including the mouth. If anyone showing signs of sexually transmitted infection (STI) symptoms, presumably they are considered to be infected with the sexually transmitted disease.

Most often times than not, not all STDs are curable even if they happen to be treatable. In this light, your dentist plays a vital part in your healthcare team and it is also important for the purpose of clarity to note that it is only a dentist, physician, or other qualified healthcare professionals that can make a diagnosis.

Statistics according to CDC shows that there are more than 40 types of HPV which are capable of being sexually transmitted, but most of them are dissolved from the body by virtue of the immune system without occasioning any health hazard. Also, HPV can affect the mouth and throat; some high-risk strains, like HPV-16 most especially. This one is connected with cancer of the head and neck. Almost 9,000 cases of HPV-related head and neck cancer are diagnosed on daily basis by dentists, physicians, or healthcare professionals.

Types of oral sex which could lead to Syphilis in the mouth

  • Fellatio: This is this the technical term used to refer to oral contact with the penis.
  • Cunnilingus: This term is used to describe oral contact with the clitoris, vulva or vaginal opening.
  • Anilingus: This term is used basically to refer to oral contact with the anus.
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By virtue of the national survey carried out in June 2006 to December 2008, almost 80% of sexually active youths and adults ages 15 – 44 years reported having had oral sex at least once with a partner of the opposite sex. Also, the same survey discovered that 45% or even more of teenage girls and boys (ages 15-19 years) reported having had oral sex with a partner of the opposite sex.

Obviously, it stands to reason that young adults suffer most from this because oral sex is most predominant among sexually active adults trying out new sex styles for the very first time.

Unlike other types of sexual activities, oral sex carries the danger of STIs; among them is syphilis. And as a matter of fact, it may be possible to contract some STIs which include syphilis in the mouth or throat from giving oral sex to a partner with a genital or anal/rectal infection, particularly from giving fellatio.

Imminent Dangers of Syphilis in the Mouth

As rightly said earlier, syphilis in the mouth can be occasioned by the indulgence of oral sex with an infected partner with the disease. If one is reluctant towards treating the disease, especially when it has been diagnosed by a dentist, physician, or healthcare professional, the implication is severe as it may lead to the damage of the following parts of the body:

  • The Heart
  • The Blood vessels
  • The Brain
  • The Nervous system

In addition to the following, it increases the chances of spreading when proper and adequate care is not taken into consideration. It goes to say that your partner(s) will be prone to having this disease because of the lack of treatment and medication.

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It is important at this stage to know also that syphilis in the mouth is easily treated and curable in its early stages when there is proper and adequate medical attention by a certified dentist or physician, as this will wane the potency of the disease from spreading fast, stopping it from causing damage to sensitive and vital organs in the body system of the infected person.

Prevention of Syphilis in the Mouth

One can prevent Syphilis in the mouth in a number of ways.

  • By avoiding indulgence in the act of fellatio, cunnilingus, and anilingus with one’s sexual partner(s).
  • Consistent check-ups with a qualified Medical Practitioner.
  • Abstinence from kissing one’s sexual partners when the infection has been discovered.

Treatments Available for Syphilis in the Mouth

The prescribed medication at all stages of this disease is the antibiotic, penicillin. If the infection has been carried for less than a year, you may require just one injection of penicillin to get cured. Be that as it may, one can also need more doses if syphilis has been in the body for more than a year. It is also very important to bear in mind that there are no over-the-counter medications that are potent enough to cure syphilis in the mouth since only antibiotics can do that.

In conclusion, it rests upon one who has this infection to adhere strictly to the prescribed medications and carry out regular visit to his/her dentist for proper medical attention in order to reduce the tendency of its transmission.