HIV Tests

If you had unprotected sex and you think you are at risk of getting HIV infection, you need to get tested immediately. Treatment of HIV can be a lot easier if detected earlier. There are two tests that can be done, an antibody screening test and antigen test.

Antibody screening test

The antibody screening test, also known as immunoassay test is a process wherein it will check if the body is producing antibodies to fight the HIV infection. It can be done using saliva or blood sample.

Antigen screening test

Antigen test is a test that aims to check for the presence of the virus in the blood. It can also find old infections if there were any. This test can verify infection as early as three weeks since the patient’s exposure to someone infected with the virus. This is being done using blood samples.

Other Tests to Confirm Possible HIV Infection

Rapid Immunoassay Test

The Rapid Immunoassay Test is a quick screening using blood or saliva samples. It can be completed in 30 minutes. If the test was conducted during the window period or the time wherein antibodies are not yet in the blood, it can yield to a negative result.

Follow-up diagnostic testing

If the result of the Rapid Immunoassay Test is positive, a follow-up diagnostic testing is needed to confirm the result of the first test. The Follow-up diagnostic testing will determine the type of HIV that a patient has such as HIV 1 or HIV 2.

HIV Home Testing Kit

There are two certified and approved HIV home testing kit today by the FDA. These home testing kits can be purchased over the counter and can be done easily at home. The result is also easy to read, it is like doing a pregnancy test. The difference is, if the result is positive, you might not be jumping for joy!

Various HIV Testing Options

Home Access HIV-1 Test System

For the Home Access HIV-1 Test System, you can do the blood sampling at home then send the kit to a lab to complete the test. You can phone in after 24 hours to get the result. With this kit, it reduces the time to drive to a clinic just to give samples. If the result is positive, the manufacturer offers a follow-up test, offers counseling, treatment and provides a referral.

OraQuick In-Home HIV Test

This home kit gets everything done at home, including giving the result. This is the only HIV home testing kit that can do so. To do it, you just have to swab your mouth to get an oral sample with the provided kit. Wait for 20 minutes and the kit will show if you are HIV positive or not.


With these available HIV tests today especially the home kits; there is no reason for anyone to say they didn’t see their HIV infection coming! If you know that you are at risk and still continue to engage in unsafe sex, make it a habit to stock with HIV home testing kit.