Have you ever been faced with the challenge of having to go through a long process with STD (sexually transmitted disease) screening? Some people are actually discouraged because of the complicated process of testing for certain STDs, especially Chlamydia, because of the risk of stigmatization if one is tested positive for the infection. In a bid to avoid such, these set of people will then not be aware of their Chlamydia-positive status, thereby, posing a great threat to the health status of the general public.

Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, which is a bacterium, and whose onset of infection does not show any symptom, whatsoever. It has been recorded by the World Health Organization (WHO) that about 75% of women worldwide living with Chlamydia do not have symptoms of the infection, so also is the fact that 50% of infected men in the world are asymptomatic, exhibiting no symptom of the infection.

This is the actual reason why Chlamydia is very common among young sexually active people today, especially those with multiple sex partners because the infection spreads easily from an ignorant carrier to the innocent partner.

The best way to actually reduce the spread of this infection and immediately tackling the Chlamydia bacterium is by early diagnosis of the infection. Various tests are available for the Chlamydia diagnosis, including a blood test, urine test, etc.

Some people may seek remedies for their symptoms since they are capable of administering similar tests in the comfort of their own home, so no one else gets to know.

Not only is that an important way of treating STDs, it removes the stigma accompanied as well as that feeling of anxiety some people experience when engaging in STD tests at a clinic or other such public places.

Interestingly, a good number of men and women are already getting tested for Chlamydia at their respective pharmacies according to Family Planning Association (FPA). Surprisingly, some of these people are given the test strips by the pharmacist to conduct at home. As it is, the availability of over-the-counter treatment means that the whole problem can be dealt with easily without having to go to the hospital for a prescription.

Genital Discharge: The First Signs of Chlamydia Infection

While some claim that urine tests of Chlamydia are better than the blood test, some others are strong in the opinion that blood test for Chlamydia is the best. Be that as it may, in the actual sense, a urine test is much more convenient to perform especially the home Chlamydia urine test because urine sample can be easily gotten compared to the blood sample. At home Chlamydia urine test can actually be performed in one’s home with a more confidential and quick result.

The test kit detects the presence of Chlamydia antibodies in the urine, and since painful urination is one of the symptoms of Chlamydia, the antibodies are easily detected in the urine compared to the blood.

Important Points to note about the Home Chlamydia Urine Test

The home Chlamydia urine test is quite essential for the early diagnosis of the Chlamydia infection, the early diagnosis of the infection makes it easy for effective treatment to occur. It is important to learn everything there is about this particular test type so that you can make use of it from the comfort of your home or office. The following are the essential points to note concerning the home Chlamydia urine test:

  • The test strip is available for purchase at various drug stores. Some drug stores, however, offer a home delivery service by sending the strips to the individual’s house after the order has been made online.
  • Some Chlamydia urine test strips detect Chlamydia antibodies in the urine while others detect the actual bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis in the urine.
  • The urine test strip must be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) so as to be sure of the test result.
  • Results of the Chlamydia urine test can be read after 30 minutes of performing the test before a confirmation of the positive or negative status of Chlamydia can be determined.
  • It is very easy to perform the home Chlamydia urine test because you do not need an external support to take the needed sample for the test.
  • There is actually no pain associated with performing the test. Also, no examination whatsoever from a doctor or nurse is really not needed for the test.
  • The urine sample should be gotten from the individual after about 2 hours of the last urine from such individual. This ensures an adequate accumulation of the antibodies or pathogen in the urine.
  • The test can be performed at any day, any time, or location.
Chlamydia and Gay Men

It is important to get tested for the Chlamydia infection especially if you’ve had an unprotected sexual intercourse recently or you have a partner who has been involved in sexual intercourse with somebody else. You also need the test if you are about to get into a fresh relationship with a new partner. Chlamydia is actually very disastrous and has destroyed quite a number of homes and families.

It is not advisable to wait till the critical period of Chlamydia before seeking for medical help, the home Chlamydia urine test can actually save one the stress associated with the critical stage of Chlamydia. It is worthy to note that Chlamydia is curable with the right set of medication, and early intervention can be made with the help of Chlamydia urine test at home.

Get tested for Chlamydia infection today and be sure of your Chlamydia status so as to live a fine and wonderful life. Even if you test positive for the infection, visit your private doctor and get help as soon as possible.

Over the Counter Drug for Chlamydia Infection

One of the few treatments (drug) available for people infected with chlamydia is Azithromycin. This drug is to be made available over the counter to treat asymptomatic Chlamydia infection. It is important to note that this over-the-counter drug is the first oral antibiotic to be switched from prescription-only to pharmacy medicine status.

The drug will be made available as clamelle (tablet that is used to treat sexually transmitted disease, like Chlamydia) for people over the age of 16 who have tested positive to Chlamydia infection but have no symptoms.

The Many Ways Through Which People Get Chlamydia

Who Can Purchase Over the Counter Chlamydia Treatment Drugs?

The qualified pharmacist will be able to sell over the counter drugs (like Azithromycin) only to individuals with a positive Nucleic acid amplification test result (and recommended for their sexual partners also).

Therefore, a partner notification slip will be used to obtain a supply, so that partners will not be required to have a positive test. A report of the test results would be obtained after which the pharmacist will need to access for them to be able to ascertain the results for index cases.

Things to Know when Treating Chlamydia

If an individual is getting treated for Chlamydia infection, there are certain fundamental things he or she ought to do that it will serve as a guide during the exercise. They are as follows:

  • Take all your medication the way they are prescribed by your physician and even if the symptoms go away sooner, do not relent.
  • Your partner(s) should also get treated for Chlamydia so that you do not re-infect each other in the process.
  • Get tested again in 3 to 4 months to make sure the infection is gone.
  • Even if the treatment is finished and Chlamydia infection is seen to have been totally eliminated, it is possible to get a new Chlamydia infection again. It is suggested, for this reason, that one should use a condom and get tested regularly.

Side Effects of Chlamydia Treatment

The treatment for Chlamydia may take a few weeks. You should also expect to endure some side effects, which are typically mild, such as stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In some cases, skin rashes might pop up.

Chlamydia complications can be avoided if you get tested for Chlamydia at the earliest chance. Use a rapid Chlamydia test kit with STD Rapid Test Kits to undergo fast, efficient, safe, and convenient Chlamydia testing.