1. How to Distinguish Cold Sores from Syphilis Sores

    There are several kinds of sores that can develop on the lips and the genitals. The features and locations of these sores can make them very confusing, as the cold sores of herpes can easily be mistaken for syphilis sores also known as chancres. Are There Differences Between Cold Sores and Syphilis Sores? Herpes simplex virus (HSV) and syphilis do have sores as a common symptom, but the nature of these sores differs. We will be highlighting the several... →Continue reading
  2. How To Know If You Have Syphilis

    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. The earliest signal of infection is a sore or chancre around ten days to ninety days from affliction. The illness can be clinically diagnosed by a blood test. This does not necessarily mean they can never ever offer blood once again. In virtually every circumstance, after a brief time frame, they will be capable to donate. How Syphilis aggravates your health Syphilis raises the threat of HIV infection since HIV can get into the... →Continue reading
  3. Syphilis – Causes and Treatment

    Syphilis is considered as the worst and most life-threatening Sexually Transmitted Disease. It is also very contagious and it can be transmitted through oral, anal and vaginal sex. When the infection is too severe, a simple kissing or close contact can also result in transmission of the bacteria to the other person. Syphilis is often represented by sores that are unnoticeable. A person infected with Syphilis often ends up infecting their partner without knowing. What you need to know... →Continue reading
  4. What Is Syphilis?

    To answer this question, first, we need to explain the meaning of the terms STD and STI, which are basically synonyms in their own right. STD stands for a sexually transmitted disease. STI stands for sexually transmitted infection, that with both invade a human body with a bacteria or a virus of some sort, depending on the disease, or infection. Syphilis is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that spread around your body via antibodies that the syphilis bacteria... →Continue reading
  5. Syphilis - Causes and Consequences

    Syphilis is a disease that has left an indelible mark on history. Famous figures ranging in different fields, such as Cesare Borgia, Guy de Maupassant, and Franz Schubert, are all believed to have suffered from this disease. Its origins are a matter of contentious debate, and this is reflected in the many names that people gave it. The first recorded cases of syphilis were at the end of the 1400s, during the French invasion of Naples. Consequently, it was... →Continue reading
  6. Syphilis Microbiology and Epidemiology - Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

    Syphilis is one of the oldest diseases that's been considered an epidemic and been known to afflict mankind since 1492, the year Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. It was one of the most common infections before the discovery of antibiotics, recorded to have afflicted up to 10% of the Western World's adult populations. However, it was one of the first bacterial infections that successfully responded to antibiotics for syphilis treatment. But until today the debate with regards to... →Continue reading
  7. Yes; Syphilis Can Be Cured

    Modern life offering abundant freedom and plenty choices, especially as it relates to our sex life, is becoming scarier by the day. This is even more worrisome as it concerns exposure to reckless sexual behaviors among teenagers and adults. Be that as it may, sex-related diseases are not death sentences – if detected very early, as it is with various other diseases. Syphilis is not the end of the world for the carrier; if detected early, it can be cured... →Continue reading
  8. Syphilis Rash

    Rashes are a feedback mechanism the human body relies on to tell that something isn’t wholly right with the system. These feedbacks should be taken seriously because whatever the infection or disease is, finding a solution should not be far-fetched. This is because almost every ailment in the world can be cured one way or another. These rashes can sometimes be very tiny and insignificant, yet other times the rashes can be big and visible on the skin for several... →Continue reading
  9. Syphilis And Herpes Can Inflame The Meninges And Thus Result In Meningitis

    Meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges surrounding the brain and the spinal cord. These are the three membranous protective tissues of the central nervous system. The three meninges are the dura mater, the arachnoid mater and the pia mater. They are layered in such a way that they provide protection to the brain and spinal cord. Within the meninges circulates the cerebrospinal fluid which serves as a cushion to the brain and spinal cord from damaging shocks. It... →Continue reading
  10. All You Need to Know About Syphilis Sore

    The mere mention of this infection could be very scary especially to those who know less about the infectious disease. Syphilis sore, being a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by bacteria, may be passed from an infected person to an uninfected fellow during sexual intercourse. This transmission could also be as a result of the relationship between a mother and the baby in the womb or a blood transfusion. A person infected with syphilis sore – the obvious... →Continue reading

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