1. STDs You Can Get Without Having Sex

    STDs You Can Get Without Having Sex
    Do you know you can still contract some of the STDs even without having sex? You do not really have to be sexually active to catch a sexually transmitted disease. Before you dive into the specifics of how it is even possible, it is important for you to first understand a few terminologies. When it comes to ‘sex’, it generally means oral sex, anal sex, and penis-in-vagina sex. Penis-in-vagina is considered the only viable form of sex. However, there... →Continue reading
  2. Overview On Syphilis’ Initial Stage

    How Syphilis attacks the body Syphilis consists of four distinct stages, every single one of which has their unique qualities that bring forth harm to the body system as determined by the magnitude of the health problem, and remedies also deviate in accordance with the stages. The earlier it is identified the better is the medical diagnosis. Therefore let us study each stage, find out how it has an effect on our system, and discover the feasible treatment solutions... →Continue reading
  3. Homosexuality and Syphilis

    In 2015, an official report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that syphilis cases have been rising among gay population. According to the agency, their report revealed that men who engage in same-sex contact were having a higher rate of syphilis diagnosis as compared to HIV diagnosis among gay men. The report added that 90% of the syphilis cases they have so far were men. Syphilis complications Syphilis infection has short-term and long-term effects. When not treated completely... →Continue reading
  4. Syphilis In Children

    What is Congenital Syphilis? Even children as young as newborn infants can get infected. This disease is known as congenital syphilis. Congenital syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that occurs when a kid is delivered from a mom with syphilis. Uncured syphilis is seen as a higher hazard, a terrible result or consequence of being pregnant and not having tested and cured for syphilis. Syphilis can result in miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, or passing away of the infants. Several... →Continue reading
  5. How to Distinguish Cold Sores from Syphilis Sores

    There are several kinds of sores that can develop on the lips and the genitals. The features and locations of these sores can make them very confusing, as the cold sores of herpes can easily be mistaken for syphilis sores also known as chancres. Are There Differences Between Cold Sores and Syphilis Sores? Herpes simplex virus (HSV) and syphilis do have sores as a common symptom, but the nature of these sores differs. We will be highlighting the several... →Continue reading
  6. Syphilis Treatment

    Just like any other sexually transmitted infections, syphilis needs to be treated as early as possible to prevent complications. Treating syphilis as early as possible can also prevent further spread of the infection. What you need to know when treating syphilis The most common drug prescribed to treat syphilis is antibiotics. Antibiotics are being used regardless of how severe the infection is. Antibiotics can stop the syphilis infection to spread but it cannot reverse the complications brought by the... →Continue reading
  7. How To Know If You Have Syphilis

    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. The earliest signal of infection is a sore or chancre around ten days to ninety days from affliction. The illness can be clinically diagnosed by a blood test. This does not necessarily mean they can never ever offer blood once again. In virtually every circumstance, after a brief time frame, they will be capable to donate. How Syphilis aggravates your health Syphilis raises the threat of HIV infection since HIV can get into the... →Continue reading
  8. Syphilis – Causes and Treatment

    Syphilis is considered as the worst and most life-threatening Sexually Transmitted Disease. It is also very contagious and it can be transmitted through oral, anal and vaginal sex. When the infection is too severe, a simple kissing or close contact can also result in transmission of the bacteria to the other person. Syphilis is often represented by sores that are unnoticeable. A person infected with Syphilis often ends up infecting their partner without knowing. What you need to know... →Continue reading
  9. What Is Syphilis?

    To answer this question, first, we need to explain the meaning of the terms STD and STI, which are basically synonyms in their own right. STD stands for a sexually transmitted disease. STI stands for sexually transmitted infection, that with both invade a human body with a bacteria or a virus of some sort, depending on the disease, or infection. Syphilis is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that spread around your body via antibodies that the syphilis bacteria... →Continue reading
  10. Syphilis - Causes and Consequences

    Syphilis is a disease that has left an indelible mark on history. Famous figures ranging in different fields, such as Cesare Borgia, Guy de Maupassant, and Franz Schubert, are all believed to have suffered from this disease. Its origins are a matter of contentious debate, and this is reflected in the many names that people gave it. The first recorded cases of syphilis were at the end of the 1400s, during the French invasion of Naples. Consequently, it was... →Continue reading

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