1. How Does One Successfully Live With HIV in the Body?

    Ever seen the saddened face of a person whose HIV result has just come out positive, the flashes of a thousand years that goes through his/her mind? It’s that terrible, trying to imagine the level of fear associated with the contraction of HIV. When asked, many often say their greatest fear in life is being infected with the incurable disease called HIV yet many fail to tune their minds to the possibility to survive and lead a healthy life... →Continue reading
  2. More HIV AIDS Knowledge Than You Were Taught in School

    HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a global threat that affects all of the population in the same way, and, if undetected and untreated in time, it can result in death. It is a big and the most important global health issue today, which affected more than 40 million, lives already. According to the World Health Organization, around 36.9 million people globally were living with HIV/AIDS and 940.000 people died of HIV-related illness in 2017. Sub-Saharan parts of Africa, the... →Continue reading
  3. Important HIV/AIDS Recommendations for the Infected and Uninfected

    While the world at large battles with the numerous challenges of the dreaded HIV, many have tried in their own respective capacities to recommend various tactics on the subject of combating the virus. Some have advised on how people could live without ever contracting the disease while others have proposed other methods that could be helpful while living a healthy life even after being infected. In all, these HIV recommendations have helped many to view the disease differently from... →Continue reading

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