1. Simplifying the Science Behind HIV RNA Tests

    A promising young man, full of hope and aspirations took it upon himself to casually visit the hospital for an HIV test since he had not done so in a while. Although he looked as unperturbed as though not expecting something bad to happen, he still felt concerned. Suddenly, a doctor approached him with the HIV test result, out of curiosity; the young man tore the sheet on discovering he is HIV positive. How could this be and what... → Continue reading
  2. HIV Is Manageable But Not Curable Yet

    One of the best ways to know a trending topic is by listening to the frequent questions being asked on various subjects; such is the observation in the medical world today. Over the past few decades, one of the most recurring questions is whether HIV has a cure or not and whether the medication available to the patients would only suppress or kill the virus completely. HIV is one common virus that leaves a whole lot of folks trembling... → Continue reading
  3. The ABC of Diagnosing HIV

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the CD4 cells (immunity cells). This attack may, over time, result in a full-blown Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Although it infects the entire body tissues, it is only transmitted through body fluids such as breast milk, vaginal fluid, saliva, blood, and semen. Diagnostic tests are carried out for several reasons such as public health surveillance, the safety of tissue products and blood protection, as well as individual diagnosis. There are... → Continue reading
  4. Can Antiretroviral Drugs Stop HIV/AIDS

    HIV is the acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that belongs to a genus of retrovirus known as lentirus. Lentivirus is characterized by its ability to have extended incubation periods in the body system of humans and other mammals. HIV as a lentivirus can facilitate deadly and chronic diseases in infected persons. The virus, HIV, is transmitted by the blood basically through sexual intercourse. Other ways that it can be transmitted include through blood transfusion (where HIV-infected blood... → Continue reading
  5. The Cure for AIDS is just around the Corner

    The existence of a cure for AIDS is a subject that interests the world in a general sense. The cure of AIDS is highly anticipated among infected people, governments of nations, and many who feel the scourge of this dreaded disease. Several efforts have therefore been made to create therapies and pharmaceutical drugs in order to cure this debilitating disease but have, so far, been to no avail. Be that as it may, the world currently agrees on how to... → Continue reading
  6. How Does One Successfully Live With HIV in the Body?

    Ever seen the saddened face of a person whose HIV result has just come out positive, the flashes of a thousand years that goes through his/her mind? It’s that terrible, trying to imagine the level of fear associated with the contraction of HIV. When asked, many often say their greatest fear in life is being infected with the incurable disease called HIV yet many fail to tune their minds to the possibility to survive and lead a healthy life... → Continue reading

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