1. Is My Rash Cold Sore or Something Else?

    Is My Rash Cold Sore or Something Else?
    If you get painful blisters on any part of your body, they are known as cold sores. These are usually caused by a virus, but not the one that makes you sneeze and sniffle. Cold sores occur due to an infection that is called a herpes simplex virus or HSV. Cold sore symptoms Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, can happen anywhere on the body. They are most likely to appear on the outer side of your lips... →Continue reading
  2. Europe Battles The Deadly Herpes Scourge

    Europe as a continent with many developed countries have felt the impact of the herpes simplex virus on its people. Nonetheless, the prevalence of genital herpes has reduced among adults in the continent but with an increasing prevalence of oral herpes among some population. This could be as a result of a rising trend in the involvement of people in oral sex. The World Health Organization reported that by 2012, 207 million women and 187 million men in Europe... →Continue reading

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