1. Hepatitis C and What You Need to Know About It

    According to the World Health Organization, Hepatitis C virus can cause liver disease if not treated immediately. Just like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C is also categorized as acute and chronic infection. A chronic infection of Hepatitis C virus can lead to lifelong disease and medication and death. Hepatitis C is blood borne meaning it often gets through direct contact with infected blood. Facts about Hepatitis C Virus It is blood borne It can cause serious damage to the liver It... →Continue reading
  2. Hepatitis C Virus – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cure

    The hepatitis c virus is the most prevalent cause of liver infection today. The infectious virus was discovered a long time ago and had been a persistent cause of infection, as early as the 70's but the incidence of infection was more prevalent in the 80's. A hepatitis c virus infection left untreated after the initial onset of symptoms is detected, will cause serious and possible life-threatening damage to the liver. Nonetheless, the easy availability of a number of... →Continue reading

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