1. What Needs To Be Done If You Have Hepatitis C?

    With the number of diseases that threaten our health these days, a lot of people are clueless as to how they can protect themselves and their loved ones from the many harm and destruction that can come forth. One of these terrifying medical problems that we are faced with today is known as Hepatitis C.  How Hepatitis C is spread Hepatitis C is an ailment recognized to harm the liver. Any individual who is afflicted with Hepatitis C will have... →Continue reading
  2. Children And Hepatitis C Virus

    Hepatitis C Virus can cause chronic liver infection, disease, and even death. It can also bring on several rheumatic disorders that cause pain in joints, muscles, and connective tissues. How Can I Tell If My Child Has Symptoms Of Hepatitis C? Many times there are no symptoms and with babies, it is especially hard to tell since they cannot yet talk to tell you what is wrong. If you think that your baby may have been exposed to the hepatitis... →Continue reading
  3. Practices that Women with Hepatitis C Must Know

    When a woman is infected with Hepatitis C, they need to learn a few more things in order to keep their loved ones safe from getting the infection. Accurate information and knowing right from wrong is the best tool that women can use in order to keep their reproductive health intact they get viral free again. During menstrual cycle When a woman contracts Hepatitis C, their menstrual cycle doesn’t stop from happening every month. Hepatitis C is being transmitted... →Continue reading
  4. Hepatitis C Treatments

    Hepatitis C is an infectious disease and it is life-threatening because of its effect on the liver. 75 to 85 percent of the time, people infected with Hepatitis C end up with liver damage. Thanks to science, endless researches and efforts of people in the medical world, new treatments are becoming more and more available today for Hepatitis C infection. Effect of New Hepatitis C Drugs New Hepatitis C drugs are now doing miracles by preventing liver damage and... →Continue reading
  5. Protecting Yourself against Hepatitis C

    Unlike other infections and diseases, there is no vaccine against Hepatitis C that can protect a person. Hepatitis C is a condition that can lead to liver damage. A person with Hepatitis C has 75% chance of developing a liver disease. Things to do to Potentially Reduce Risk of Hepatitis C Infection Beware when having a blood transfusion. Hepatitis C can be transmitted through infected blood. If you get a blood transfusion and the blood that was given to... →Continue reading
  6. Hepatitis C and What You Need to Know About It

    According to the World Health Organization, Hepatitis C virus can cause liver disease if not treated immediately. Just like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C is also categorized as acute and chronic infection. A chronic infection of Hepatitis C virus can lead to lifelong disease and medication and death. Hepatitis C is blood borne meaning it often gets through direct contact with infected blood. Facts about Hepatitis C Virus It is blood borne It can cause serious damage to the liver It... →Continue reading
  7. Hepatitis C Testing - Who Should Have It

    Since there is no vaccine that can protect someone from having Hepatitis C infection, the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlined a guideline for people who might need to undergo Hepatitis C Testing or HCV tests. Hepatitis C Testing is recommended for: Those who were born between 1945 and 1965 Those who are currently using injections for drug administration Those who are having hemodialysis, HIV infection and abnormal alanine aminotransferase levels (ALT) Those who received organ and... →Continue reading
  8. The Truth about Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C infection is a disease caused by Hepatitis C virus. This virus gets to the liver and damages it without any symptoms until such time when the liver is totally damaged and beyond saving. In the US, the most common strain of Hepatitis C virus is type 1. Common Symptoms of Hepatitis C Infection Although there are no known symptoms of Hepatitis C infection, there are still some conditions apparent to people who caught this virus. Among the... →Continue reading
  9. Hepatitis C Virus – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cure

    The hepatitis c virus is the most prevalent cause of liver infection today. The infectious virus was discovered a long time ago and had been a persistent cause of infection, as early as the 70's but the incidence of infection was more prevalent in the 80's. A hepatitis c virus infection left untreated after the initial onset of symptoms is detected, will cause serious and possible life-threatening damage to the liver. Nonetheless, the easy availability of a number of... →Continue reading
  10. How To Achieve Normal Life Expectancy as a Person with Hepatitis C Infection

    Hepatitis was accidentally discovered in 1968, from an antigen in the blood of an Australian aborigine. This accidental discovery leads to the recognition of the Hepatitis virus within the medical world. From that significant milestone, the reported cases of Hepatitis infection continue to rise every year. Hepatitis is the general term used to refer to inflammation of the liver, brought about by infectious and non-infectious causes, metabolic diseases and viruses. The first virus that was discovered in Australia was the Hepatitis... →Continue reading

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