Hepatitis C

  1. Know The Dangers Of Hepatitis C

    Know The Dangers Of Hepatitis C
    A rash caused by chronic hepatitis C One of the most dangerous diseases that can affect the liver is Hepatitis C. It is an infection that is caused by the Hepatitis C virus. It may be a temporary condition that lasts for several weeks to a few months, to a permanent medical condition. There are two types of Hepatitis C infection. The acute Hepatitis C, which is the temporary medical infection that lasts for several weeks to a few... →Continue reading
  2. Diagnosing Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C virus transmits quite easily by means of injection medication use most especially when people share sharp needles. There is a debate in the literature over whether or not it is able to spread due to sexual contact, but the common consensus is the fact that sexual transmission is not a formidable method of transmission. There is absolutely no doubt, however, that heavy or recurring percutaneous subjection to contaminated blood is regarded as the powerful way of hepatitis C transmission. About 85% of acute hepatitis C conditions, and also occurrences of chronic infection, are asymptomatic. In situations where there are signs or symptoms, they are usually non-specific. For that reason, many cases of HCV infection are underdiagnosed since the clinical diagnosis of HCV is practically unachievable. Acute HCV infection cases can be... →Continue reading
  3. Options For A Hepatitis C Test

    Due to the fact that a lot of people don't manifest signs or symptoms, it's typical for anyone to have hepatitis C for ten years or more before it is clinically diagnosed. Plenty of people don't discover that they have the infection until they are tested for other sorts of reason, for instance when donating blood. Hepatitis C tests are utilized to analyze the condition of someone who: Are medical care personnel who may have been exposed to hepatitis C via a needle or some other contact with blood or bodily fluids Has been subjected to a person with HCV Was born between 1945 and 1965, since people born during this time period account for almost... →Continue reading
  4. Alcohol and Hepatitis

    Wine, rice wine, beer, and spirits have been cultivated for thousands of years and have caused millions of alcoholics.  Alcohol is one of the oldest, and most commonly abused substances in the world.  It is a poison that affects liver function, even if you don't have Hepatitis C.  Excessive alcohol and Hepatitis C use can cause cirrhosis of the liver, including liver cancer.  Hepatitis C stops the livers' natural functions of “breaking down alcohol and removing the toxic byproducts.”  A... →Continue reading
  5. What Needs To Be Done If You Have Hepatitis C?

    With the number of diseases that threaten our health these days, a lot of people are clueless as to how they can protect themselves and their loved ones from the many harm and destruction that can come forth. One of these terrifying medical problems that we are faced with today is known as Hepatitis C.  How Hepatitis C is spread Hepatitis C is an ailment recognized to harm the liver. Any individual who is afflicted with Hepatitis C will have... →Continue reading
  6. Aids And Hepatitis C

    Aids and Hepatitis C are both viral diseases, they are caused by different viruses. Aids (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Hepatitis C is caused by HCV. Treatments Of Each HCV is treated with some medications such as interferon, ribavirin, and sometimes telaprevir or boceprevir depending on which genotype of HCV you have been infected with. HIV is treated with 5 different classes of drugs generally if you are taking drugs for HIV you will... →Continue reading
  7. Children And Hepatitis C Virus

    Hepatitis C Virus can cause chronic liver infection, disease, and even death. It can also bring on several rheumatic disorders that cause pain in joints, muscles, and connective tissues. How Can I Tell If My Child Has Symptoms Of Hepatitis C? Many times there are no symptoms and with babies, it is especially hard to tell since they cannot yet talk to tell you what is wrong. If you think that your baby may have been exposed to the hepatitis... →Continue reading
  8. Dietary Supplements And Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C is a liver disease that is caused by a virus. Usually, hepatitis C is chronic, but the majority of people do not experience any symptoms until the virus causes damage to the liver. This usually happens within ten or more years. If one suffering from hepatitis C does not have medical treatment, chronic hepatitis usually leads to liver failure or liver cancer. As well as using medical treatment to treat hepatitis C, dietary supplements and health approaches may... →Continue reading
  9. Everything You Need To Know About Hepatitis C

    What Is Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is an infection or a virus that causes inflammation of the liver and liver disease. A virus can cause sickness and can be passed on from person to person. Inflammation refers to the swelling that happens when the tissues of the body become infected or injured. Inflammation also causes organs to not function properly. Who Gets Hepatitis C Anyone can get the disease, but those that have are higher risk include: Someone born... →Continue reading
  10. Two Liver Diseases: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

    Two common liver diseases are Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.  Both usually begin without symptoms, which eventually escalate to vomiting, dark urine, abdominal pain, yellow skin, and feeling tired. Symptoms are inflammation and edema of the liver, which interferes with its function.  This is one of the most common chronic liver diseases. Hepatitis B Hepatitis B can cure itself if the infection is acute (self-limiting).  Sometimes it will even disappear spontaneously after several weeks.  However, the virus will stay in... →Continue reading

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