1. Which Part of England is a Gonorrhea Hotspot?

    Gonorrhea has “clapped” its way through centuries and is still with us today. However, it was in 1879 that Albert Ludwig Siegmund Neisser discovered its pathogen in the United Kingdom, making it the first nation to produce the world's premier case of super-gonorrhea which is resistant to advanced lines of drugs taken orally. In effect, the victim of the infection had contracted the special type of gonorrhea from a regular partner (who must have been getting contracted it from... →Continue reading
  2. Take Note of These Gonorrhea Hotspots In The United States lent two informal meanings for hotspot as “any place regarded as an area of actual or potential trouble or violence” and “any place regarded as a center for a specified activity or interest. Where STDs are concerned, a hotspot is a place where the prevalence of a sexually transmitted disease is high, or higher than what is obtainable in other places with similar geographical attributes, color dominance, and socioeconomic disposition. To condense the aforementioned dictionary meanings, an STD... →Continue reading

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