Hepatitis B Rapid Test Kit

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that can cause liver inflammation, which can lead to cirrhosis and ultimately liver failure.

Our hepatitis B rapid test kit will provide you with highly accurate and reliable (specificity: 98.8% sensitivity: 98.9%) results in 15 minutes, using just 1 drop of blood.


Common routes of infection are sexual intercourse, needle sharing, and vertical transmission (mother to child). While not curable, antiviral therapy can control the infection and prevent further damage.

Damage caused by hepatitis B is not reversible, so early detection and treatment is paramount for avoiding complications arising from hepatitis B infection.

  • Detects hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAG).
  • High clinical accuracy. Specificity: 98.8% sensitivity: 98.9%.
  • For field & health care professional use.
  • Reliable & fast results in <15 minutes.
  • Tested by certified laboratories worldwide.
  • ISO 13485 & GMP certifications.
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