At every place around the world, there are possibly millions of you ladies out there who are showing symptoms from one of the common STDs which run rife with your sexual health. Today I am going to continue with the second part of my Women and Common STDs Part Two.

Common STDs

So ladies, if you are ready here, is more information that you need to be aware of about your sexual health.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is mainly a disease infection that will attack your liver. Its virus can be primarily caught if you come into any contact of blood which is contaminated already, although in certain cases it can be passed on through having sexual intercourse. Hepatitis C does not always display a lot of outward symptoms so it can be difficult to know that you have this virus. However, speed is of the essence when beginning treatment, the longer you go without the correct treatment the more damage and risk you will be putting your liver functions under.

Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is a very common STD and is caused by being exposed to the herpes simplex virus. It is most likely passed from person to person and others by having sexual intercourse or any sexual contact with another person. It can find itself in a women’s body through both her vagina and mouth areas. Recent data is showing that in the United States around over fifty million people have this virus now, which is a shockingly high number.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B, this can cause you to experience an inflammation of your liver if you do not seek diagnosis and treatment straight away. Hepatitis B is a virus, and it is thought again through recent data that over two million people lose their lives from this virus every single year. If not treated by health experts during a relatively small window of time from the onset of coming into contact with the virus it can lead to some very severe complications which could lead to death.

Please go get tested for the STDs

So, ladies now after reading this second article of mine on common STDs I hope that if you do not already go on a regular basis to get your sexual health checked out, that you will think carefully about going for a visit now. 

Making a visit to your local sex clinic will not cause you any stigma now, everything will be kept entirely confidential between yourself and the health workers. It is important that if you fall into the higher category of ladies who do have unprotected sex through numerous partners and one night stands that you make the time to go and get checked out. It is vitally important that you do look after your sexual health as you do for any other health issues. If you require treatment it can be given to you discreetly and confidentially, and once you have your all clear results then is the time to make sure that every sexual partner you have uses a condom to give you the protection you require to remain sexually healthy.