A woman from Crumlin, Dublin was awarded about 57,000 Euros after she was handed a false HIV positive test result.
Michelle Kenny sued the St. James's Hospital in Dublin when she discovered that the positive HIV test result that she got was not hers. Of course, upon seeing the result, she was shocked and scared. But she underwent a series of follow up tests to confirm if she indeed had HIV.

The next HIV tests diagnosed that she did not have HIV. 

The hospital admitted that they mixed up Kenny's blood sample with another patient's, and they insisted that no damages should be given to Kenny.


But, the court sided with Kenny. For about a month after being given the positive HIV result, she was in a state where she was just confused and surprised with the HIV diagnosis. She was on the verge of panicking as she just learned a life-altering news that turned out to be false.

Fortunately, she had the sense to ask for a re-test to verify the first result. The negligent hospital carried out two subsequent tests in the next few weeks and found out that Kenny's HIV status was negative.

This should serve as a lesson to other medical facilities to be careful when handling bloodwork for HIV testing and other types of testing procedures.

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