Do you know that HIV is one of the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases today? It can spread so fast that it has already afflicted several millions of people around the world. It is known to cause various complications that can bring so much pain and danger to anyone. If not detected and managed right away, it can even lead to death.

For these reasons, health experts are advocating prompt HIV testing. If you undergo an HIV test at the earliest opportunity, there is a chance that your life can be salvaged with the administering of the appropriate antiretroviral treatment.

High-risk groups

Everyone is advised to undergo an HIV test, most especially if they:

- are sexually active
- have multiple sex partners
- are pregnant
- work in a high-risk environment, such as in the medical field where handling blood work is typical
- live in a place with high HIV rates
- have just traveled somewhere with HIV rates
- had unprotected sex

If you belong to any of those groups, you should immediately get an HIV test for your own safety. HIV testing is very crucial in helping you prevent going through the worst of HIV infections.

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