There are several threats linked to having syphilis. Since it spreads without difficulty and can cause critical damage and troubles to our bodies, we must be able to test syphilis in our systems the moment we observe one of its signs.

What causes Syphilis?

Syphilis is a result of an organism that makes its way into our body system by open wounds or exchange of fluids during sexual intercourse. It is perceived as the third most widespread sexually-transmitted disease, having an effect on both sexes across virtually all age categories.

The Chancre

The primary manifestation of syphilis is a sore called chancre, which sprouts on the genital areas, the rectum, and the mouth. It does not produce any kind of pain, and folks are keen to let go of it due to this fact. It will survive for roughly three weeks.

One of the things to keep in mind about chancre is that even though it has disappeared, this does not truly indicate that syphilis has also vanished. The infection remains to be there and it only waits to move on to the following stage if proper treatment is not employed.

Other signs of infection

Aside from that, a syphilis sufferer will have recurring pains in the muscles and joints, too much hair loss and appetite loss, and inflammation of the glands. The bacteria will then start harming the essential organs just like the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. It will also attempt to result in damage to the eyes, generating the risk for blindness.


Go out and get tested for syphilis before it is too late for you. There are various methods that have been launched to discover this STD, and there definitely is one at the local facility in your area. Getting tested will help reduce the chance of the growth and progression of critical problems via the utilization of quick medical treatment.

The sufferer ought to visit a doctor and talk about his or her possible choices. Syphilis tests need a blood sample so that the laboratory can study it and analyze the patient’s problem. The minute the health professionals have compiled a diagnosis, there is an appropriate treatment solution that will be brought to you. You have got to regularly take penicillin and other antibiotics to eliminate the infection. Those who are in the later levels of syphilis may have to carry out more tests and be required for increased amounts of prescribed drugs.

Prevention of infection

Victims are urged to not participate in any kind of sexual activity, oral, anal, or vaginal because they are carriers of this critical disease. They have to realize and do abstinence to be certain that another person will not be victimized.

Information about syphilis must be pushed forward so people today will have a clue how dreadful it is to be afflicted with it. One should do his or her best to practice safe sex by always wearing protection and not have different sex partners. It may also help to get tested on a consistent basis so that you and your partners can learn the occurrence of syphilis before it could be anything far more critical.