Do you know that there are several millions of people that suffer from sexually-transmitted diseases today? That is so unfortunate since most of these STDs can easily be prevented and treated with the proper knowledge and information.

Common STDs

STDs such as Chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea are all very treatable. They are caused by different bacteria that can get into your body via intimate sexual contact.

How STDs get spread

People who engage in unprotected anal, vaginal, and oral sex with people who are infected with these STDs can contract them very easily. Pregnant women who are positive with these STDs may pass the infections on to their babies, either while in the womb or upon childbirth.

The importance of getting STD tested

So, it is necessary that STD testing is done to detect the infection right away. These STDs usually do not manifest signs and symptoms right away, so relying on those is not a good idea. A proper STD testing should be conducted to correctly diagnose the infection.

There are different ways to test for STDs today, and each of them offers pros and cons. Some are a lot more reliable but much more expensive, while others are very cheap but not as accurate.

The new innovative and reliable testing method

Rapid STD testing is the way to go nowadays. It is an STD testing method that uses rapid STD test kits to detect the STDs in a person's bodily fluid sample. They are designed to enable people to conduct STD testing by themselves, wherever and whenever they want.