HIV is a widespread sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by a virus that infects the body cells and weakens the immune system. This virus can replicate itself and spread to different body parts and result in serious harm and complications. 

How does HIV harm the body?

The body's immune system is made up of cells and organs whose function is to protect the body against infections and diseases. It can usually kill off bacteria and viruses easily if it is healthy.But, if a person contracts HIV, his or her body might have a hard time to successfully battle these ailments.

HIV can strike and result in damaged body cells as it finds ways to invade and weaken the immune system. While this is happening, a person may not manifest visible signs and symptoms, so the infection can actually remain undetected for a long time.

For this reason, health experts encourage HIV testing, especially to those who are:

  • - sexually active
  • - work in the medical field
  • - drug addicts
  • - pregnant

What is AIDS?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus and it is the final stage of HIV. At this point, the infection has already done so much damage to the body that the person is no longer able to function properly. His or her immune system is already wrecked and the virus is already out of hand.

So, remember to get tested for HIV to avoid being in this type of terrible situation. Use a rapid HIV test kit for fast, safe, and accurate HIV testing.