Why Are You Afraid Of Chlamydia Bacteria?


Chlamydia is called a type of sexually transmitted infection; a bacterial infection is caused by a bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. The other source, which may be is the reason, is Chlamydia family.C.trachomatis.  The only place where these bacteria can live is in the human cells. How can these bacteria be transferred to others, are:

• Vaginal sex

• Anal sex

• Oral sex

• It can be easily transmitted from a pregnant mother, who is infected with the disease to her child,

Complications Regarding Chlamydia

Even though Chlamydia is not a disease just because of the fact, it is not a threat to our lives. The main causes of this disease are irritation and pain in private parts, which can be easily treated. The difficulty arises when not properly treated Chlamydia in time and not a long period. The infected person because of his active sex life is still playing the transfer of more genital infection. Here are some of the complications of chlamydia

1. Eye diseases -It is one of the largest chlamydia serious side effects at this point are not treated as conjunctivitis or Chlamydia trachoma is known. That's easy, blindness, and is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide. The way this eye infection can be passed from one to another, that when hands touched eyes of the infected person and then hit the other.

2. Reactive arthritis -Chlamydia if they are not dealt with especially in men, then leads to conjunctivitis, arthritis, and irritation of the urethra. More than 15,000 people suffer In the United States alone from arthritis immediately for the reason that your chlamydia is not treated in time. It can also affect women, but this situation is more common in men.

3. Born conjunctivitis in the newborn infants born to women with Chlamydia-infected receives a week after birth conjunctivitis extemporaneous.  The newborns of infected mothers are more likely to have Chlamydia. While women who are pregnant and Chlamydia are at high risk, she could give birth prematurely.

If left untreated Chlamydia infection then its nodes lead to infections and – leads to VUL infection or lymph nodes. This infection is characterized by a rectal irritation and to swollen lymph nodes.

Chlamydia Treatment

If Chlamydia treated appropriately in time, then it can be very fast being removed in one year. Most of the time, it takes three years entirely to eliminate the body of the Chlamydia bacterium. If someone wanted to treat Chlamydia, the patient who is suspected has to go through a test or rules. The tests, which are useful in determining Chlamydia, are:

1. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

2. DNA strand displacement amplification (SDA)

3. Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA)

For those looking for the examination, it is necessary?

People who have an active sex life and are adventurous, then it is advisable for them that a review of Chlamydia infection should be performed because of anal sex very common for them. Chlamydia detection can be useful to avoid the government further difficulties an infection that has no symptoms. It also plans to reduce the risk of infection to others. For this reason, we will ensure that people who have been cleared of Chlamydia remain clear for a long time.