Testing for STDs is very important for many reasons. Doing it early on can prevent a lot of complications and problems that these infections can cause. It can also avoid the spread of the disease to more people.
Why you should get tested

STD testing is a must for everyone since these diseases can literally infect anyone. It can help detect the illness early on before it causes serious damage and harm to the body.
High-risk groups

Pregnant women are encouraged to undergo STD testing for different STDs such as syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhea, and Hepatitis B. They are putting their babies at risk if they fail to get tested. These infections can be passed on to the infant during pregnancy, upon delivery, or while breastfeeding, so testing for STDs has to be done right away to be able to receive the appropriate treatment solution.

Sexually active males and females should get tested for STDs every six months, every time they enter a new sexual relationship, or routinely. They belong to the high-risk group so they should monitor their sexual health and make better choices when it comes to their sexual activities.

Men who engage in sexual activities with other men are also encouraged to get STD tested. They are actually more likely to get infected with STDs and STIs compared to others, so they should realize the importance of STD testing.

For a convenient, safe, accurate, and easy way to test for STDs, use a rapid STD screen test kit.