Do you know that there are millions of people around the world that are infected with sexually-transmitted diseases at this very moment? Do you know that there are certain people that are more in danger of getting afflicted with STDs than the rest of the population?

 People likely to get STDs

While everyone is at risk of contracting STDs, some people have higher chances of getting these infections for various reasons.

For example, those that have multiple sex partners are more likely to get STDs than those that abstain from sex and those that are mutually monogamous relationships. So, to protect themselves against STDs, they should get tested routinely or every time they have a new sex partner.

Furthermore, people who work in the medical field and have to handle blood samples or blood work are reminded to always wear the appropriate gear when working. This will prevent any accidental exposure to contaminated or infected blood.

Also, pregnant women who have STDs have to get tested for STDs during pregnancy so that they can get treated right away and not pass the infection on to their babies. Otherwise, they are putting their lives, as well as their babies’ lives, in deep and serious trouble.

Drug addicts who tend to share used needles with each other to inject drugs into their bodies are also very high in the STD risk ladder. They should be rehabbed and educated to avoid STDs.