People who are gay and bisexual are the ones who are most likely to get targeted by HIV than any other type of people in the United States of America. Statistics and studies have shown that more than 60% cases of HIV are from gay and bisexual people. In order to not spread the virus anymore, gay and bisexual people must attain more and more knowledge about it and also learn about the precautions they must take so that they could save their lives and make the virus less contagious. Due to the type of sexual intercourses that gay people practices, there is more of a chance of getting targeted by the virus. 

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Gets Knowledge regarding the virus with gay and bisexual men?

The most surprising fact is that there are some still gay or bisexual people alive who do not have an idea about this virus and how much they are in danger. There are also many people who know about it but are not concerned about how much steadily it is spreading in today’s modern world. As gay and bisexual people are the ones who are the most vulnerable to it just because some of their practices, they should have a deep knowledge about it and should know ways about how to prevent it and what to do if it even happens. So if the gay or bisexual people don’t take proper precautions than the virus will further spread out and target more and more people. They have the power of stopping it if they have the proper knowledge, they could prevent many people from dying under aggressive treatments. 

There are many programs that have been made just to stop the virus, but still, it is as much important for gay people to have a deep knowledge about it and they should also learn about the different complications they would face and what to do to stop them. It is true that there are many programs set up to slow down or finish the virus but the gay and bisexual people should have one thing in mind that those are very time consuming and even money consuming so in order to save their money and time they should learn more and more about it by searching it on the internet for no price at all. 

It is must to practice Safer Sexual Activities with Gay and Bisexual Men

If gay and bisexual people start to practice safe sex, especially men than there would be a less or no chance of spreading the virus. The main reason for the rapid spreading of the virus is less safe sex. People now a day are not careful enough in their sexual intercourses and do many mistakes which is why somehow HIV exists. If gay and bisexual people start to study more about it on the internet there would be fewer chances for the spreading of it and many lives would be saved.

Follow hygienic livelihood and eating

If people actually start to live healthily and eat healthy by eating more vegetables and fruits their body would be able to cope up with the virus and those who don’t have it than their body would be already ready to fight against it and many other viruses too. So if people start to live a healthy life. Exercise; eat vegetable and even fruits than the likeliness of the spreading of the virus would be less.