The thought of contracting an STDs is pretty scary, isn't it? Imagine having to deal some strange rash or sore that you suddenly find in your genital region. What should you? What about that odd-colored discharge coming out of your penis or vagina? Is that normal? Why do you feel so much pain every time you have to pee?

Those are just a few of the many symptoms of an STD. They usually manifest in the early stages of the disease. Once you experience them, it means that it is time to get an STD test and receive treatment for it.

But who exactly is in danger of getting infected with STDs?

People who have had sex are mainly the primary victims of STDs. STDs are usually transmitted from one person to another via sexual activities. They are brought about by bacteria or viruses that get passed on from another person to you through the vagina, oral, or anal sex.

Also, it is important to know that these STDs can also be contracted via blood. Expose to the blood of someone who has the infection can put you at risk of also getting the infection. That is why medical workers are advised to wear the proper precaution when handling blood so as to protect themselves from contamination.

A pregnant woman who has an STD is likely to pass the infection on to her baby while it is in the womb, upon childbirth, or through breastfeeding. So, she has to speak to a doctor about treatment and ways to protect the baby against the bacteria and viruses.

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