Every day, more and more people get infected with sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs. If you are one of them, you should know what to do the moment you suspect that you might have contracted the STD or once the first symptoms manifest.
Getting tested early enough
People should immediately get an STD test once the initial STD signs and symptoms show up. They should not wait any longer since more serious and severe complications could arise if a proper treatment solution is not administered as soon as possible. Even those that do not show any STD symptom yet, but are sexually active, are advised to get an STD test on a regular basis so as to keep track of their overall health.

How to prevent infection
STDs are primarily transmitted through sexual intercourse, so people should be aware of their sexual practices. Make sure to use protection when having sex. Refrain from having sex with multiple random people since you have no idea if they are carrying an STD. Encourage your partner to get an STD test with you so as to make sure that the both of you are clear and safe.
To get an STD test, people can visit the nearest health center in their area. These medical facilities usually have an STD testing service offered to people who want to get tested. You simply have to make an appointment or get in line for your turn. After the test, you would have to wait for a number of days or weeks to receive the test result.
Another way to get an STD test is by using a rapid STD test kit at home. You can purchase a rapid STD test kit online and wait for the item to be delivered to your home. Then, you can conduct the STD test on your own by simply following the test instructions on the package.