There are many dangers associated with having syphilis. It is one of those sexually-transmitted diseases that can be transmitted very easily. It is caused by the bacterium known as Treponema pallidum and undergoes four different stages.

The stages of Syphilis and the Symptoms that they bring

The primary stage of syphilis begins the moment the syphilis bacterium enters a person's body. It can be passed on by having sex with a syphilis-infected individual. Unfortunately, this stage of syphilis is known to not manifest any kind of symptom. It may take a few days for any syphilis sign to show.

The initial syphilis symptom that people should watch out for is a chancre, which is a skin sore that appears on that part of the body where the bacterium entered. It may be seen in the genital regions, anus, scrotum, or mouth.

Testing for syphilis early on

When a person finds themselves at this stage, they are encouraged to get tested for syphilis right away.

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Knowing how fast syphilis can spread around, let us do our part to help others get educated and informed about its dangers so as to minimize the syphilis cases today. Also, get tested for syphilis using a syphilis rapid test kit that you can buy so as to diagnose this STD early on and get the correct treatment plan for it.