Hepatitis C is a medical condition caused by a virus known as the Hepatitis C virus. It is one of the most notorious Hepatitis illnesses that can bring about serious damage to the liver.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Once a person contracts the Hepatitis C virus, he or she goes into the acute stage of the disease. This would persist for the first six months of infection. At this point, he or she should consult a doctor so as to be diagnosed and treated right away.

But, if he or she fails to do these things, he or she would move on to the next stage of Hepatitis C, which brings about more serious risks. Cirrhosis and liver scarring are very likely to happen at this point. These are then followed by physical changes such as yellowing of the skin, malaise, loss of appetite, exhaustion, and bruising.
Testing for Hepatitis C

The moment these more severe symptoms and complications show up, anyone should immediately go see a medical expert. Go to the nearest health center and request to have a Hepatitis C test.

Hepatitis C can be managed once it has been diagnosed promptly. It only becomes very difficult to deal with if the patient neglects and ignores the symptoms and complications that arise.

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