Syphilis is a common sexually-transmitted disease caused by bacteria. It can infect males, females, teens, babies, and adults.

Early stage

A person who is in the early stage of syphilis will manifest one or more small sores around the genital area. They are not painful but will be there for up to six weeks. 

The second stage

After the sore, the second stage kicks in, where rashes begin to emerge in different parts of the body. Aside from these, a patient may also experience exhaustion, migraines, fever, fatigue, and headache. He or she will suffer from weight loss and swollen lymph nodes. 

Latent Stage

During the latent stage of syphilis, the symptoms that may appear depending on whether a patient has acquired any kind of treatment for the disease or not. If a patient is taking medication, he or she might not show any more symptoms. Otherwise, the bacteria will find its way to the other body organs and systems and start attacking every single one of them. Important body organs and parts such as the heart, bones, joints, and brain will be put at serious risk if this happens. Severe complications like numbness, paralysis, and dementia are may stem from these.

Testing for Syphilis

So, once you notice that you have these syphilis symptoms, you are encouraged to consult a doctor immediately. You have to undergo a syphilis test to properly diagnose the infection and receive treatment.

There are various ways to test for syphilis. Blood, urine, or saliva samples might be needed for analysis and diagnosis, so the patient should be prepared. 

Getting treatment

If you receive positive test results, you have to get treated right away. The common treatment solution for syphilis is penicillin and other antibiotics like ceftriaxone, erythromycin, and tetracycline. These medications will work the infection and try to eliminate all the symptoms. 

Now, those that fail to get treatment will move on to the latent stage of syphilis and will have to undergo treatments that are more complex and costly. They might need to go through a series of blood tests and follow up examinations. 

So, it is better to deal with syphilis at the earliest chance to save yourself from a lot of harm and danger.