Is there a small, round, hard sore in your genital area? Are you experiencing any changes in your body that feel weird and painful? Do you believe that these might be symptoms of syphilis?

How to manage the situation if you might have Syphilis

Having syphilis might freak anyone out, but that should not be the case since this infection is very treatable and can be managed very well if diagnosed early on. Here are some tips that you have to observe if you think you have syphilis.

- Go to a doctor. This is important since you need a professional opinion on any symptom that you are experiencing. Tell him or her what symptoms have manifested on you so that he or she can provide options on what to do next.

- Be ready to get a syphilis test. If the doctor also believes that you might have contracted syphilis, you need to undergo syphilis. It can be done in a medical facility and will require a bodily fluid sample from you.

- Prepare for treatment. If you test positive for syphilis, be ready to receive the right treatment solution. Since syphilis is caused by bacteria, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to fight off the infection.

- Take your medications. Do not forget to follow the doctor's instructions on how to take your meds. This is necessary for the complete treatment of your syphilis infection.

- Do not have sex. You are very likely to transmit the infection to a sex partner, so abstain from sex for now.

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