Do you know that every year, there are several millions of men and women around the world that get infected with sexually-transmitted diseases?

According to various health groups, STDs are one of today's biggest health problems. There are different types of STDs that are very prevalent today, and they can cause serious harm and damage to the body if not detected and treated right away.

Common STDs to watch out for

If you are a sexually active individual, or just someone who wants to remain STD-free, here are the most common STDs that you should watch out for:

  • Gonorrhea - this STD is caused by bacteria and primarily transmitted through sexual intercourse
  • Syphilis - this is another bacterial-caused STD that is brought about by bacteria and spread through sex
  • HIV - this is caused by a virus and can be lethal if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible
  • Chlamydia - this is caused by a certain type of bacterium that is passed on from one person to another through sex
  • Hepatitis C - this is caused by a virus that is sometimes transmitted through unprotected sex

Testing for STDs

Everyone is urged to get an STD test to be able to detect these STDs early on. If you test positive for any STD, you have to see a doctor right away to receive the right type of treatment.